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At Stonewall Jackson High School, there are many different clubs that you can participate in. These clubs offer numerous things like education, entertainment, and help to the school and others in the community. Any student can join, it doesn't matter what grade you are in or what grades you have. One of the clubs here is the Future Business Leaders of America. The main purpose of this club is to prepare young kids for the business world. It also teaches students about helping others out in their community and raising money in different ways. Mrs. Hayden and Ms. Groves run the club. They meet the first Monday of every month for an hour in room 2027. If you want to join, all you have to do is talk to one of the business teachers, complete the membership application and pay 15 dollars. The application can be found with one of the business teachers in charge of the club or on the Stonewall website. The club has many student leaders. There are two Co-Presidents (Vera Bordoh-Ansah and Verita Bordoh-Ansah) , a Secretary/treasurer (Vani Agarwa), a public relations treasurer (Kwabena Mensah), and a historian (Alexander Benjamin). To stay up to date with the club, you need tosi gn up for the class reminders on your phone. One of the many things they do is fundraisers, which they are holding for the school at the moment. They are selling bracelets for 15 dollars and they come in three different colors. They come in silver, gold, and bronze. Since Christmas is coming around, they are having a Christmas special where you can get special edition Christmas themed bracelets. All you have to do is sign the form and you'll get it in near Christmas time. All forms are due before Thanksgiving break. FBLA also does community service. For example, today the students went to Ellis Elementary to read to the kids over there. The students are also planning on going on a fieldtrip to the senior homes around Christmas time. Since the club just started, that is all they have done so far but they plan on doing lots more in the future. Hopefully by the end the year the students learn something about the business world and community service and can put it to use in their future and share it with other students and encourage them to join the club and help it to grown.

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A major issue in the U.S today is illegal Immigration. Most people are against it because they feel as though they are taking away jobs, homes, and spots in schools for people who are here legally. They believe that if you want to come to the U.S. you should apply for citizenship to be here legally like everybody else. Others view illegal immigration from the kid's point of view that were born here illegally. It isn't their fault and they shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences. I went around Stonewall Jackson high school and interviewed 3 students on their thoughts and what they all said was very similar.

The first person I interviewed was a senior named Rhys Morgan. I asked him three questions about the topic. He was asked what his views on illegal immigration were and he replied with "If they want citizenship, they should be able to get it." When asked why he thinks so many people are against them, he responded by saying it was probably due to stereotypes that people think are true. Lastly, he believes this issue can be solved by making the citizenship process easier.

The second person I interviewed was Jordan Sheppard, who is also a senior. He was also asked the same three questions. He thinks that illegal immigrants should be allowed. He also thinks that people might be against them because of stereotypes and our current president telling lies and people believing them. Finally, he thinks there should be new laws made to give those immigrants equal rights.

The third and final person I interviewed was a senior named Yazeed Barham. He answered the same three questions, but his responses were a little different. His views on illegal immigration is that it is bad because the people that will come will not be in the government system. However, if they didn’t face hard conditions and suffer a lot, they will not put their life in jeopardy. He believes so many people are against it because they fear them and the fear that they will replace original workers. Finally, he thinks this issue can be resolved by solving the issue that made them leave their country in the first place.

As seen, most people feel that illegal immigrants should be given the same rights as other immigrants/citizens in the U.S. The other side of the argument believes that illegal immigrants should go back to their country and apply for citizenship like everybody else. At the end of the day, it's all up to the government to decide.