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Local elections were held all across the United States on Tuesday, the 7th of November. In the state of Virginia, democrats took the lead.

History was made by electing democrat Danica Roem to the House of Delegates - the first out transgender person to be a United States legislature. History was also made by Hala Ayala and Elizabeth Guzman; the first latinas to serve in the House of Delegates. Ralph Northam (D) won against Ed Gillespie (R) in the race for state governor. Lieutenant governor was won by Justin Fairfax (D), the second African-American to serve in Statewide office in Virginia, and attorney general was won by Mark Herring (D).

Many people are thrilled with the results of the election, the families of Stonewall Jackson High School seniors Megan Keyser, Casey Harding, and Jocelyn Fletcher are all extremely happy about the outcome of the election.

The 14 seats in the House of Delegates that were flipped from Republican to democratic has been celebrated by families of the same students.

Megan Keyser expressed great delight about Danica Roem, “Danica definitely represents the LGBT community which I’m super happy about.” This is a popular opinion amongst people that support, and are part of, the LGBT community. Danica represents a group of people that are widely discriminated against by people and politicians alike. Winning a seat in the house of delegates shows the transgender community in a new light - it’s not just a trend.

Casey Harding loves the idea of fixing the highways and bettering education - two ideals that got Danica the win.

Jocelyn Fletcher has a strong dislike for Gillespie, this is due to his support is making abortion illegal in Virginia.Gillespie’s opposition to women’s reproductive rights was one of the factors that caused his major lose, as only 39% of women voted for Gillespie and 61% voted for Northam. Northam supports access to women’s reproductive rights and was endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia.

Both Megan Keyser and Casey Harding believe the large democratic win shows Virginia’s opposition to President Trump and his office. This is a popular belief amongst social media users.