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New year, New faces

BY: Pilar Andaracua

Every year, Stonewall Jackson High School receives new teachers and staff, so I decided to interview some teachers to get to know them better and asking how and why they are here. This is Mrs. Stearman’s fourth-year teaching, all of them at Stonewall. She mainly teaches freshmen and sophomores, but last year she did Creative Writing 2 and it had students in grades 10-12.

She not only teaches children at school, but she also has a son named Tristan and he’s nine years old. Her mentor from the university she attended inspired her to become a teacher, “He had such an amazing rapport with his students and I remember wanting to be able to do the same.” She currently teaches English 10 and Pre-IBDP English 9, but if she could teach another subject, it would be either Drama or an elective with a specific genre of literature like Fantasy. A small, fun fact is that she got hired the weeks before school started four years ago and she had just arrived back in the country after living in Australia.

Her favorite part about teaching is being able to make a difference in someone’s life, “There are so many that don’t get that opportunity and I wish to always be a positive voice that guides a young adult into the right direction. If I can get my students to be more empathetic and aware of the world, then I feel as though I have made at least a small ripple in global citizenship”. One of her favorite parts about teaching English is that she gets to talk about things that she loves, and she really loves to read books. “Another wonderful thing about English is that it so closely intertwines with life that it’s easy to connect to whatever it is that one is reading in class”.

When I asked her when the moment she knew she wanted to be a teacher was, she said this, “I had an inkling that I wanted to be a teacher when I did a work-study program at a local elementary school. I went on to work at the writing center at the university I attended as well and basically helped fellow students write a well formulated essay in whatever style was needed and I realized I had a knack for it”.

For Mrs. Stearman, school and education is a passion for her and something she loves dearly, that’s also the same for many other teachers here at Stonewall and we hope they stay doing what they love.