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Here at SJHS, we have a Chess Club with Mr. Ronco as their sponsor, who's also a Math Teacher. Mr. Ronco became the sponsor almost as soon as he was hired here at Stonewall and he started the chess club because when he was hired we didn't have one. He started learning how to play when he just three years old. One of the best things about the chess club is that it's a free space where kids can just go relax and have fun. The complexity of chess is near ending. Y can get lost in a position, think deeply about a line of moves then back out and think of another line from the same position. One game of chess can take up to 3 – 5 hours to finish at the minimum because it requires a lot of thinking. But it can improve your reading and thinking skills. It can also improve your ability to focus because if you ever study chess, you need to focus on learning endgames, tactics and openings. It also improves your ability to learn because chess is a complicated game and requires lots of time and thinking for your brain. Chess teaches you humility. In certain cases you may blame the reason of you losing on someone else, or someone else might take credit for your success,but you can't do that in chess. Whether you win or lose, it's entirely because of how you played during the game. You can't blame others when you lose and nobody can take credit when you win. You must learn very quickly to accept your mistakes and learn from them in order to improve. Without humility, you won't get far as a chess player. Chess requires multiple skills including, memory, creativity, concentration, planning, and focus. Those skills are what thinking skills include and they're improved through the game of chess. But not only are they used for chess, they can be used for other aspects of life and can help prevent Alzheimer's. If you're really into chess, you can have another advantage like reading your opponent and getting an idea of their personality, which can help strategically. Chess also gives you the ability to visualize different scenarios in your mind, many people simply choose the first option that comes into their mind, but chess helps you develop the ability to think on the next level.