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National Honors Society is a club based upon not only leadership and service, but a faction for anyone looking to do something for the community around them. It’s made for students looking to for and/or be leading roles in life. If you want to make something of yourself to teach you the right values of life and virtues to carry on in life, this is the club for you! There has recently been an induction ceremony for this club Thursday, November 9th. It was a wonderful experience and what a great outcome it sure was with the families and friends who came to watch their kids get recognized for being selected out of many applicants for NHS. The ceremony took place here at Stonewall in the auditorium, as soon as you walk in you have an overwhelming number of club members and parents waiting there. They reserved seats for each student in alphabetical order in the very front, everyone was dressed very dapper in their formal attire. The ceremony started off with a speech from a special guest, the head misses of the club (Ms. Miller and Ms. Hodgeson), as well as the principal and rest of the committee. It was great hearing all their words and description of what National Honors Society is truly about. As each of the presidents and vice presidents spoke, they lit a flame of each of the four characteristics they used to describe this club, if you ask me I would tell you I felt like I was being hazed or initiated into a sorority, which isn’t very far from what this sisterhood or brotherhood really is. It may be a club filled with an abundance of members, yet it’s still very small and intimate as we meet every Wednesday of each month! They spoke of things like Scholarship, Leadership, Wisdom, etc. I was one of the students called upon stage to receive one of the certificates that were being handed out to each member. I was proud of myself and I was fortunate enough to have my family come and watch me as well, that meant a lot to me. The principal, Dr. Nichols, finished the night off with a small speech about his pride with the club as well, and we were directed to the exit doors where we found tables set up of snacks and refreshments before leaving a night filled of great enjoyment!