>>  Les Crepes


Here at Stonewall Jackson High school, we have many clubs and sports one can join. One of the clubs you can be in is the French Honor Society, the French Honor Society is a suitable place to embrace the language of French and learn about French culture and get better with your French skills. They meet afterschool every second Wednesday of every month, and have planned an event for the 15th of November, where they will be selling Crêpes after school around 2:45pm. Crêpes are thin pastries, usually made with wheat flour they originated in France and its name comes from the word “crispus,” which means “curled,” they can be accompanied with fruit such as strawberries, bananas, syrup, blueberries, raspberries etc.

Crêpes are loved by many people in North America but mostly eaten in Europe, where they originated. The crêpes will be sold at a very reasonable price and it is a fantastic way to taste one of the wonders of the French foods at a low price, at your own school. But many may wonder, “aren’t crêpes and pancakes the same thing?” No, crêpes are a lot thinner than pancakes and do not contain much yeast because they do not need to be risen. In the other hand, crêpes are made by pouring a batter of wheat onto a frying pan or even circular hot plate, often with some butter or vegetable oil on the surface of the pan. The batter is spread evenly over the cooking surface of the pan or plate slightly by leaning the pan or by dispensing the batter with a counterbalance spatula or trowel. Crêpes and pancakes may have similarities but they are not quite the same thing. The French Honor Society will be selling them at a low price and if it goes well they will do another fundraiser like this to help the society with money by doing something nice and simple as just selling crêpes!

>>  What even is Vegetarianism?


Vegetarianism is a very debated term that people use to specify people but they don’t really know what the term really refers to. By definition, a vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons. Many people choose to go vegetarian because they care for animals and consider their feelings as well. Animals after all are just like us and I personally believe as well that most people should at least eat less meat rather than meat with everything. On average America eats over 207.8lbs of meat per person a year, it has dropped ever since 2007 but the US itself, consumes more meat than any other country in the world.

I asked some of my friends for their opinion on Vegetarianism; I asked them what they thought of vegetarianism and I got different responses from them. Adrian Ortiz said that he thinks, “that it’s healthy and that it helps the body run more efficiently.” Adrian also said that he believes “Eating some meat is good too but not a lot,” he says that eating too much meat can be unhealthy but as well as not eating any can be unhealthy. Another student named Diego Aloyza, said that “vegetarians are so much healthier than [him],” and he said that “vegetarians are very organized because they have more limited selection of food.” Many students like the idea of being vegetarian but they also are somewhat in disagreement of the fact that there is no meat in the diet of the fellow vegetarians or vegans. Another student named Makala Weaver, said that she thinks that vegetarians “lifestyle is decent , there are foods that vegetarians cannot eat that would make [her] sad that [she] couldn’t eat it” but she overall thinks vegetarians are “cool.”

When I asked them if they could be vegetarians for a week if they would do it and why, and I got mixed responses from them. Diego Aloyza said he “would vegetarian for a week, [he] would like to experience it to see what comes out of it.” Adrian Ortiz, said “heck no, I think they need to incorporate at least a little bit of meat in their diet,” since he thinks some nutrients and proteins that are in meat are not found in organic plants or other alternatives.

In conclusion, most students were okay with being vegetarian for a week just for the sake of trying it but some were definitely not. I’m vegetarian and I believe that it could be hard to be vegetarian but I do not like meat either way so I do not incorporate or plan to incorporate any animal meat or products in my life. I believe animals have feelings as well as humans and we all have the right to live and not be killed. Being vegetarian has helped me be healthier and made me feel better about myself and it made me feel so much cleaner and it also made me feel useful to the environment. Most people should at least try to eat less meat a week or even in a month to help the environment and experience the perks of saving animals and feeling better about themselves.