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Here at Stonewall Jackson High school, we have many clubs and sports one can join. One of the clubs you can be in is the French Honor Society, the French Honor Society is a suitable place to embrace the language of French and learn about French culture and get better with your French skills. They meet afterschool every second Wednesday of every month, and have planned an event for the 15th of November, where they will be selling Crêpes after school around 2:45pm. Crêpes are thin pastries, usually made with wheat flour they originated in France and its name comes from the word “crispus,” which means “curled,” they can be accompanied with fruit such as strawberries, bananas, syrup, blueberries, raspberries etc.

Crêpes are loved by many people in North America but mostly eaten in Europe, where they originated. The crêpes will be sold at a very reasonable price and it is a fantastic way to taste one of the wonders of the French foods at a low price, at your own school. But many may wonder, “aren’t crêpes and pancakes the same thing?” No, crêpes are a lot thinner than pancakes and do not contain much yeast because they do not need to be risen. In the other hand, crêpes are made by pouring a batter of wheat onto a frying pan or even circular hot plate, often with some butter or vegetable oil on the surface of the pan. The batter is spread evenly over the cooking surface of the pan or plate slightly by leaning the pan or by dispensing the batter with a counterbalance spatula or trowel. Crêpes and pancakes may have similarities but they are not quite the same thing. The French Honor Society will be selling them at a low price and if it goes well they will do another fundraiser like this to help the society with money by doing something nice and simple as just selling crêpes!