>>  PSAT Week

Prepping for the SAT

BY: Michael Peer

The PSAT's are something every student dreads, but for teachers, the PSAT's do not put as much stress on them as it might seem. PSAT is a pre-SAT. The SAT is very important for college applications, as it shows colleges what type of student you are. The PSAT's in return, put a lot of stress on the students taking them.

The students are in a room for hours on end, which makes them exhausted from the amount of work put before them. Luckily for them, teachers tend to give students a break on PSAT day. Mr. Strakosch, an English teacher, has to say this about the PSATs: “I don’t mind, it’s something that’s important for the kids. If we miss a day, you can always go back to a unit we’re losing.” Counselors also work hard during PSAT week with all the PSAT packets coming through and being handed out to students. The counselor's secretary, Ms. Herndon said, “It doesn’t affect us secretaries much, but it does affect the counselor's schedules.”

PSAT's put strain on students as well as teachers, with some students staying up all night to study and others just stressing entirely over it. The PSA'T,s however, are a great opportunity for colleges to look at the students academics. It helps colleges decide who they would accept into their school. Students stress, but teachers think students shouldn’t stress it. When asked if he had any advice for the students taking the PSAT, Mr. Cashwell responded by saying “Do your best, relax, it’s a PSAT, so don’t take it too seriously.” He would also like everyone to know that the PSAT is on October 10th at 7:40 am. Counselors have been making visits to classrooms as well to make sure everyone is on the same page about the big day. “We've been doing classroom visits making sure kids have info, it’s incorporated with our usual day, and as counselors we have to be good at time management.” says Mr. Cashwell.

The PSAT's are taken by 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students each year, and they are stuck in a room for hours on end which makes them tired, hungry, and anxious to get out. It is very hard for students to focus on the PSAT as well, with the students’ short attention spans, so some students decide to zone out, and others decide to rush through it. Students also decide to talk, despite the teacher’s attempts to keep them silent after the test is done. Some students decide to make memes about the PSAT as well, since it is universal across schools, the jokes are widespread and become memes. With some students saying last year “Wow that PSAT was about as dead as King Richard III”. Which was obviously a reference to the reading section of the test, which had an article about King Richard III’s grave and how it remained undiscovered.

Students, teachers, and counselors have different ways of dealing with PSAT day and PSAT this year is fast approaching.

>>  The African Genocide of Christians

And what this means for Christians across the globe.

BY: Michael Peer

Since the beginning of 2019, Christian families in Africa have been targeted by Islamic terror groups. The two groups have been reported by CBN as entering villages and hacking down anyone and anything that moved, forcing Christian civilians to recant their faith in Jesus Christ, which most if not all refused. The two militant groups would enter villages, and torch homes, and set up firing squads of families captured according to eyewitnesses of the incidents. This isn’t the only recent issue in the targeting of Christians. One recent event was a new law was instated in Southeastern China where police officers are forced to meet a certain quota of Christians arrested per month. In the case officers were to miss the quota, they would face disciplinary action, or even imprisonment.

The issue that stems from this is not only the issue at hand, but the lack of reporting of these issues from US news sources. The shooting in Christchurch New Zealand will get on the 24-hour news cycle, but the slaughter of 300 Christians in Africa for their belief in Jesus Christ goes without being reported.

One event amidst the tragic onslaught against Christians is a story reported by the Barnabas Fund. 76 Christians were dragged out of their homes, and the fathers of the family were lined up against a wall, and told to recant their faith in Jesus Christ, or they’d die. The fathers refused, and the militants opened fire on them in front of their wives and children. The story reportedly turned “supernatural” as they report, when the children were lined up on the wall, the mothers were told to recant their faith, the children said not to recant, and that Jesus Christ had appeared to them in a dream, telling them not to recant. They said Jesus was the way, the truth, and the life. When the mothers heard this, they refused to recant their faith in Jesus Christ, upon which the soldiers lifted their rifles, but before a shot was fired, the members of the terror group started grabbing their heads and screaming, one of these members started shouting “Snakes! Snakes!” and many turned and fled, while others dropped dead on the spot. The families called it a “miracle,” while many calls it “supernatural.”

The fact that the US news cycle will report a shooting of 50 people in New Zealand yet won’t report stories of the slaughter of 300 African Christians is sickening.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.

Sources: CBN.com, The Barnabus Fund, Open Doors USA.

>>  The Alabama Abortion Bill

And what it means for women

BY: Michael Peer

On Wednesday, May 15th, 2019, the Alabama state legislature passed a law effectively banning abortions throughout the state. The bill would also in turn punish doctors who perform abortions, causing them to receive up to 99 years imprisonment. The bill was enacted to essentially be a direct challenge to the 1970s Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying, “This bill is a direct infringement of women’s constitutional rights.” Her statement caused a sea of uproar from pro-life organizers, who say in response that nowhere in the constitution is the right to abort a child guaranteed. This issue has been a hot topic in the nation since the New York state legislature passed a bill in which a child may be aborted up to two weeks after birth.

Georgia has passed a similar bill – no abortions are allowed in any circumstance (except for danger to the mother) - after 6 weeks. Keep in mind, the statistics show that most women do not know they are pregnant by then, this bill essentially is a total abortion ban in disguise.

Pro-Choice protesters rally and claim that the government should stay out of their wombs, and many women state that the Alabama bill was an attempt for men to control the decisions of women.

Meanwhile, the bill was sponsored by Republican Representative Terri Collins, a female in the Alabama state house.

An interview with a teacher at Stonewall Jackson High School went as followed, “I believe the bill is terrible, and that Terri Collins is a complete sellout to her whole gender.” While another person interviewed at the school stated, “I think it’s wrong to kill another life. What's funny is, even science calls one cell life, yet many don’t consider a fetus a life, that’s insane, and on top of that there are many families willing to adopt newborn children.”

Regardless of your stance on the issue, you can agree this debate is prevalent in the 24-hour news cycle and is splitting the nation at the seams.