>>  Do They Stand A Chance?


As the winter season is approaching each school is eager to announce the excitement of winter sports. One really big sport that many seem to enjoy is basketball and at Stonewall Jackson High School students seem take basketball very seriously. I have actually had the opportunity to speak with a few individuals that are a part of the basketball team and see their point of view of how this season is going to play out. I came up with a few creative questions to as the players and for the most part they seem to have come to an agreement on what will happen throughout the season. The questions that were being asked were, " Who do you think has a strong chance of being starter this year?, Do you think that this season will be stronger than last season?, What are your expectations for the season?". The first player that was interviewed was senior, Nate Waddy. When asked who he thinks will be starters for the season he replied with, " Myself, Antonio Warner, Jordan Gibson, Quintan Moore, and Clinton Boxley." Nate believes that this year will be even stronger than last year and that there is definitely a chance that the team will be going to states. Overall, Nate feels hopeful this year, and that if lucky they will take home the championship ring. The next player I got to interview was Micheal Kinsel, a sophomore at SJHS. He believes that Brandon Prichett, Meeko, Mike Goree, Jared Stubbs, and Rahim Woni would be the chosen one next. Micheal also believes that this year will be way stronger that last year. Micheal's overall goal is to win all games possible and if not all games then atleast 13/16 games if possible. Another player that was interviewed was Jayden Mckenzie, another sophomore at SJHS. He believes that Antonio Warne, Jordan Gibson, Dashad Mason, Nate Waddy, and Isaiah Folks are the guys on the team that have the better chance of being the starters. Like the other players that were interviewed, Jayden also believes that this year will be stronger. Overall, he feels that the team is definitely capable of making it all the way to states. The last player I got to interview was senior, Jordan Gibson. When asked about the starters he replied with a completely different answer compared to the other players, he replied with, " I think we have many players this year who can contribute effectively this year. The starting lineup will most likely change from game to game depending on how we matchup with other teams." He also believes that because of new key additions to the team, they should be very hard to beat. Overall, he feels like these past two years were close because they ended up losing the game before the states and he knows that this year will be different and the team will be able to get over that hump.