>>  Hail To The Redskins


We all know them as our home team, the Washington Redskins. Gold and burgundy are the colors that fill up all the sports stores around the Virginia and D.C area. This NFL team has been through a lot but families pass on their love for the Redskins through generations.

This season, the Redskins have definitely had their ups and downs. Starting off with a hard loss against the Philadelphia Eagles, they are currently 4-5. Their last game was also a loss but a very close one at that! When asked if she thinks the Redskins are going to make it to the playoffs this season, Senior Madison Williams says, “I don’t think they will make it (to the playoffs) because they aren’t playing like a playoff/Super Bowl worthy team.” Lots of people seem to agree with her on this subject. Like, Senior Casey Harding said, “They never make it the playoffs. I call them a hopeless team.”

Hopeless seems to be a common adjective for this team. Especially because they are experiencing a lot of injuries in a lot of key players, for example, their linebacker, Mason Foster, season got ended early because of a shoulder injury. Rob Kelley, their running back is also out of the season because of ankle and knee problems. Injuries aside, they are in desperate need of running backs and wide receivers because of how below average they have been playing this season which is making it hard for them score.

When I asked some of the Stonewall Jackson students about which team they are a fan of, 3 out of 5 said they were redskins fans. I also spoke to the Redskins fans about their team winning in their divisions. One fan, Senior Melissa Shaia said, “I don’t think they will win because other teams have been playing better.” Another student spoke out and said, “I am a fan which makes it hard for me to admit that i don’t see them as division leaders or a playoff team.”

And even though the Redskins have lost more than they have won this season, some students have said that they are still doing good in their eyes. For example, Senior Carleigh Bragg exclaims, “Yeah, I think they are doing pretty good, actually.” And also, Senior Rachel Francis said, “Surprisingly yes, they are doing good.” There seems to be a lot of comparing from this season to their 2016 one.

It seems like some fans are losing hope at this point. But they will always stay faithful to their team! Good luck, Redksins! 

>>  Time For More Control


On February 14th, there was a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. This massacre ended with many injured and 17 dead. The shooter, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, was arrested shortly after. While many parents, friends, and families are grieving and still processing what happened that day , President Trump has spoken up and declared what he thinks should be done about, which was that teachers should have access to guns. He said nothing about stricter gun control.

Just like after most school shootings, the idea of stricter gun laws is being argued viscously. Some people have argued that guns aren’t the problem, the people are the problem (because of mental illnesses), and that schools need to pay more attention to their students. And others argue that, while mental illness do play a part, guns are the main issue because they are always the weapon of choice (especially assault rifles). Students are also stating their opinion, especially because this whole topic is about them and their safety . A march called ‘March for Our Lives’ has even been planned for the 24th of March.

I have asked Senior Casey Harding about his opinion on this topic, he said, “Guns that dangerous should’ve never been accessible to the public. And once we take those guns away, then we should focus on mental illnesses and their relationship with school shootings.” His opinion seems to be very popular among people of the same age, which is 18. And of course, students will have this type of view because it is their safety that is put in jeopardy.

I presumed to interview students, such as Senior Rachel Francis, she said , “I think we need better gun control. Something like regular mental evaluations for a person with a gun to determine if they ever become dangerous. Mental illness is so prevalent in our society that saying no one with a mental illness should have a gun, would mean nobody would have one. Basically, I think it’s about determining how dangerous someone is. I think arming teachers would not solve the problem because I can imagine no teacher would be able to shoot a child, even in the case of a school shooting because in the end it’s still their student and adrenaline can cause people to tense up. Teachers are meant to care for their students, not scare them. A gun would only scare all their students and make people more uncomfortable. Mental health is a factor in school shootings, because no sane person regardless of their race would do something so horrific. Mental health needs to be focused on and less stigmatized so these possibly dangerous people get help before it gets to that point. assault style rifles should be banned, no civilian needs a weapon like that regardless of safety or a hobby.”

Students across the country are starting to make change happen and this is just the first step. I agree with both students I have interview and I really hope to see stricter gun laws in the future to prevent such tragedies as the Parkland shooting.