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The Sonewall Jackson football team is a team like no other with a bond that is unbreakable. It’s a team full of dedicated players who strive to become better each year.

Michael Salazar, a senior linebacker who has been playing on the team for three years, states that this year Stonewall will achieve the goal of winning Districts. He also claims that not only does he love the game, but “We are all really close like a family”.

Vincent Grant, a high-spirited player like the others, who’s positioned right guard, has high hopes for this season as he claims, “It will get better”. With much positively he too perceives his teammates like brothers. The love the players share is truly explainable


Chayce Chalmers, one of Stonewall’s scholars, currently positioned as a rover and free safety on defense, and a tight end on offense. He says that his favorite part about being on the team is “The bond formed since day one that carries all the way throughout the season.’’ He also mentions that the relationship between is ‘’Like a piece of stone used to build a bridge. We are not complete without each other. As a team, we know each other's weaknesses and strengths. We watch each other's backs and keep things moving’’.

Defensive end, with three years of experience on the team, Devon Smith also believes that the team shares a bond like no other. For the progression of the season he insists that if the team comes together and shows heart for the game, then overall the season will turn out to be successful.

Closing in with Khyree Alexander, a defensive back with two years on the team, agrees that the relationship between each player is considered one big family. In fact, one of his favorite parts about being on the team is the brotherly love. With hard work and dedication, Khyree Alexander is devoted to him and his team making it to playoffs.

Overall it is safe to say that winning isn't exactly everything. Commitment, support, and love are what’s important. Every day may not be a good day, but it is guaranteed that effort is shown despite negative feedback and losses of games. Whether the good games or the bad games, nothing can affect the attitude of our Stonewall Jackson football team.

>>  A Right Handed World


Typically, the “average” person is right handed, making this the most dominant trait many have in common worldwide. 70 to 95% of the population of people all around the world are right handed, left handed people make up 10% of that population leaving only 1% of the population to be ambidextrous, meaning that neither the left or right hand is dominant over the other. Generally, the everyday routine for a left-handed person must be changed to adjust to a right-handed world, granted there are certain objects and tools changed specifically for a lefty but with being a minority you will be outnumbered by the majority which are right handed people.

Former Stonewall Jackson student Vera Bordohj-Ansah states that she is fascinated with being a lefty! Not only because she’s left handed but her twin is also. Although she loves being a lefty she believes that there should be some adjustments to better suit left handed people such as power tools because injuries are common due to being left handed and in addition to power tools she also believes that there should be more scissors, preferably for left hands. With 10% of the human population being left handed she said she only knew about 6 people who are also left handed just like herself. Jacob Thomas, a junior here at Stonewall says that it feels normal being a lefty, “I’ve always been a lefty so there’s nothing too significant”. With knowledge that today’s world is ran off right handed people, he believes that there should be more “left handed tools”. He also states that he doesn’t know too many lefties but enough.

Elana Urquhart, also a junior here at Stonewall Jackson is left handed and feels special to be left handed. However, she describes it to be difficult because most tools are specifically designed for right handed people. She personally believes that left handed people and right-handed people should not sit next to each other simply because of bumping elbows and for her and some other lefties it gets annoying. Just like Jacob and Vera, Elana too knows only a small handful of left handed people. Sonja Tay, a junior as well is left handed, she’s been dealing with a struggle that is commonly known to if not most but all left-handed people which is the agony of pencil lead on the left hand as we right. Other than that, issue she says being left handed is normal.

She doesn’t believe anything should be changed for left handed people because “we are strong minded and can adjust”. Along with everyone else she too knows only a small portion of left handed people. Overall it is obviously clear that not many are left handed, so it is indeed a special trait not everyone can have. Things should be changed later on in the future to help those who truly do struggle with the adjustment. Another student, Joaquin Perez, a senior says that things should really be changed for the ignorance of lefties. Just because he is left handed, he doesn’t musically feel weird or misunderstood, he says that he feels more unique than an outcast, which all left handed people should feel the same.