>>  Don’t be late G!!!

SJHS' opinions on the new tardy policy.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Stonewall Jackson has come up with a new, not so popular, way of ensuring that students get to class on time.

If you have been attending Stonewall for at least two-years now, you probably know that there is a new tardy policy that has been installed. When asking people about their opinions and feeling on the new tardy policy, most, if not all of them had not so wonderful things to say about it.

One student by the name of Sandra Maldonado (10th grade) said, “I don’t like it, I hate it.” she then proceeded to explain why she hated it by saying, “I was tardy once and the teacher made me go all the way back to get a pass and by the time I got back to class I missed all the instructions, so I was confused.” The next responder was Leslie Montiel (12th grade) she said, “I personally have mixed feelings about it. I want to say it’s a good idea, but you have to wait for other people to get their passes before you.” “When you’re late to class, going back to get a pass is going to make you even more late.” The third responder was Nadege Gerard (10th grade) she said, “I don't like it because the kids don’t have enough time to get from class to class”. The fourth responder was Mannie Coleman (12th grade) he said, “I don’t like it, it’s stupid. It makes you later to class than you already are.” The fifth response came from Mr. Hyde who teaches 11th grade English, “I am not a big fan of it because it makes kids who would be ten seconds late for class ten minutes late for class. At the same time it is also holding students accountable” Mr. Hyde is afraid kids will use the excuse that they are tardy and spend more time than they should outside of class with their friends. The sixth response from a student was from Alexander Kelly (12th grade). Alex said, “The tardy policy is really unnecessary because it makes kids later to their class than what they already are. The lines at the stations are super long and there’s people who don’t know how to do it and they end up holding up the line.” The seventh and final response comes from Sargent McKinney from ROTC. His response sheds a positive light on the new tardy policy. A summary of what Sargent said is, the policy was too relaxed so now the administrators are taking initiative. Teachers weren’t writing referrals for kids who were tardy because it interferes with their teaching. Now the admins take care of referrals for the teachers. It helps teach students the value of being on time and teaches them accountability and responsibility.

In conclusion, the new tardy policy is hated by most and loved by few. Some teachers may like the new policy because it takes the weight off their shoulders, whereas students probably hate it more because its time consuming and annoying.

>>  PSAT

Cost Effective or Nah G?

BY: Kiersten McDonald

It’s that time of year again, where students all over America take the PSAT. More importantly, at Stonewall Jackson High.

When asking five students the questions, “Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to pay for people who want to take the PSAT?” And “Doesn’t it make sense to only pay for the students who want to take it over making everyone take it?” The first student named Daniella Davila (12th grade) said, “I feel like they could have asked the students or made them sign up if they wanted to take the PSAT. There are some kids who already know they don’t want to go to college, so what’s the point in paying for the test if kids aren’t going to go to college.”

The second student responded with, “I mean no, not really because a lot of people don’t want to take it so having a couple people take it and make a little change is pointless. Whereas, you could have everyone take it for free so people can practice without worrying if they have enough money to pay for it” said Anijah Pearson (10th grade).

The third student named Brandy Posada (12th grade) said, “It’s dumb to pay for something not everyone wants to take. Most people including myself, don’t take it seriously. A lot of students stay home that day because they don’t want to take it. They end up skipping or staying home that day.”

The fourth student named Hannah Spencer (10th grade) responded to the two questions with, “I think it is more cost efficient, but I don’t necessarily think it’s a better idea. If you gave students the choice of whether to take the PSAT or not, most students would decide not to take it. I think everyone should take it just to see what the real SAT is like, so they can prepare for when they take it. So, the school should provide the test for everyone regardless if they want to take it or not then once they have the test, it’s the student's choice whether to try or not but they should be forced to at least see what it’s like.”

The fifth and final response to the two questions came from an 11th grade student named Milton Sosa. Milton said, “I think that the school should only pay for the people who want to take it so that students can take it seriously. Freshmen shouldn’t have to take it, so the school can save money. There should be a survey or a poll to see how many freshmen want to take the PSAT so that the school doesn’t waste money buying a bunch of tests no one will use.”

This is a topic that creates a ripple between people because there can be flaws found from both ends of the responses. In the end, responses to the questions stated above were pretty much mixed. Most of the students who were interviewed said there should be certain restrictions for when it comes to Freshman, but others just said that Freshman should suck it up and take the test like the rest of us.

>>  Momo

The story behind and the dangers of the Momo internet challenge.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

If you have been up to date on social media, you might be aware of the Momo Challenge. The Momo Challenge is a hoax/ urban legend about a social media challenge that started on Facebook. The challenge slowly started seeping out to other outlets. The challenge is aimed at children and entices them to do harmful acts to themselves. The acts include putting forks into electrical sockets, turning gas stoves on, and even killing themselves. If you're wondering how we know the challenge is fake, well, the face for Momo is actually a sculpture made by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi who is known for making crazy-looking dolls using different parts of animals. The challenge is insanely harmful and is even linked to the death of a twelve-year-old girl. To get into contact with Momo, kids are dared to go through the app WhatsApp. That's how you know this challenge is fake because first of all, who even is on WhatsApp anymore besides creeps and weirdos. To make light of the situation as social media does, someone made a video and posted it to Instagram to show Momo’s side of the story. The video is basically her saying that it wasn't her fault kids were hurting themselves and that she “has four kids she needs to worry about herself” So I guess, the only kids Momo is worrying about are her own. This isn't the first time this challenge has been around. The challenge goes away and continues to come back. No one really knows why but we know one thing for certain, it's scaring the crap out of kids and adults especially. It appears the challenge is horrifying adults more than kids due to parents being afraid that one day their child won't be alive anymore. Teenagers aren’t really going to care about the challenge considering most teens are always expressing how much they want to die anyway so a little internet scare tactic isn't going to scare them as much as impressionable, little kids. In closing, this internet challenge is super fake and Y'all really shouldn't be scared. If the challenge happens to be real though and Momo sees this article and wants to come and kill me, let her know that I'm not scared of her… PERIOD!!!

>>  Vsco Girls are taking over the planet

The vsco girl meme/trend

BY: Kiersten McDonald

“sksksksksksk and I oop sksksksksksk and I oop”, that is the call of the Vsco girls. My definition of a vsco girl is a puka shell, oversized shirt, scrunchie wearing hydro flask using female of the human species. According to Urban Dictionary, a “Vsco girl wears oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts with Nike shorts. Vsco girls wear Vans, Crocs, Birks, and wear shell necklaces. She also wears tube tops and Jean shorts. She always has a Hydroflask. She can't leave home without a scrunchie and her favorite car is a jeep.” Vsco girls came from planet vsco, a photo editing app. The vsco girl trend took off the summer of 2019. The trend took off on Tiktok, a social media app like Vine and Musically. The trend really popped off when a Tiktok user made a POV Tiktok where a vsco girl introduces herself to you (a new student). Ever since then, teens of all ages have been milking the heck out of the new trend turned meme. Some people have taken this trend very seriously and get offended by people who make fun of their “unique style”. People have lots of opinions about this new epidemic. Senior Daniella Guillen says, “I think it’s a funny trend that blew up out of nowhere. They took the most basic things and blew them up.” Senior Milton Sosa said, “ Vsco girls are trying to become a trend and the new aesthetic. It’s way too expensive to be a vsco girls.” Juniors who have been graced with the presence of vsco girls have some opinions as well. Fabio Zapata said, “I don’t know what to think of this trend. It’s okay, but I'm not really into it.” Ryan Purcell said, “I hate this trend. It started as a joke to poke fun at people who overly exaggerate memes but now, there are people more specifically girls who dress like vsco girls on purpose to seem fun and quirky.” When asked about the vsco girl trend, Ethan Stewart said, “The vsco girl jokes are funny but I feel bad because this was a style that some people had and now it's being made fun of. Julia Naranjo said, “The trend is getting out of hand and it's a big lame joke that got taken too far on social media resulting in it becoming relevant.” Many students at Stonewall find the trend hilarious and, commonly, you hear students yelling “SKSKSKSKSKSK and I OOP” in the halls. The vsco girl trend isn't just for girls. Some guys who happen to have hydro flasks are given scrunchies by girls to emulate the vsco aesthetic. All in all, vsco girls have taken over the planet and if we don’t accept their ways, they are going to annihilate us. The only person who can save us is Danny DeVito.

>>  Fockey is Fun

Field Hockey and the season so far

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Numerous sports have been going on for the fall season. The sports that have started includes, football, volleyball, cross country, golf, and Field Hockey. The sport that displays excitement for the fall season is Field Hockey. The girls on the Field Hockey team have said numerous positive things about their season so far when asked. Sophomore Annika Kakkar who has been playing for two years said, the season is going good so far. We all get along on the field and off the field. Our friendship definitely helps us play better together.” Junior Hannah Spencer who has been playing for three years responded with, “I think our season is going really well, we’ve won all of our games so far and our team and bond in general is really strong this year.” Another Junior, Ermelinda Gonzalez who has been playing for three years responded with, “I think our season so far is really good. We have been getting along very well which is only making us play better as a team.” Senior Michelle Lemus who has been playing for four years said, “I love being a part of this team. We’re starting off the season great. I really couldn’t ask for better friends, or a better team.”-MICHYBOOM OUT. Lastly, Senior Janes Sanchez who has also played Field Hockey for four years said, “I think the season is going great. This season is going to be strong. We’re all hopeful to go to tournament this year. Our team is overall really strong, and we are all looking forward to a great outcome.” Stonewall Jackson strives to display unity among all students. Stonewall strives for friendships to be made and the overall message is that no-one is left behind or excluded. Stonewall’s Field Hockey team gives off that energy. The girls who were interviewed all said that the team in general was heavily unified. When working as a team, ensuring that the team players get along off the field, only makes it better on the field. A coach obviously doesn’t want players who don’t get along. If a team doesn’t get along off the field, they probably won’t get along on the field. Although it is still early in the season, the unity among all the girls is tremendously preeminent. Overall, the season hasn’t had a lot of games yet. It seems that all the girls are having a great time getting out there on the field. The girls are showing constant positive, dynamic energy. We’re rooting for our girls.

>>  TikTok vs Vine

People’s thoughts about whether or not TikTok is better than Vine.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Before TikTok was the center of every teen’s universe, people were opposed to even downloading the entertainment app. People simply saw it as a try-hard, wannabe vine or musically. But before TikTok, there was Vine, another social media entertainment app that everyone and their mom were obsessed with. There have been debates regarding which social media is better. Today we’ll be asking the age-old question, Vine or TikTok? Hannah Spencer (11th) responded to the question with, “That’s a hard one. For me, TikTok because I was too young, and I didn’t understand the jokes until after the YouTube compilations. Now I understand them but it's too late. [TikTok] has multiple uses; you can make dancing videos, funny videos or you can use other people's sound and songs for the videos. It's also current so I know more about it.” The next person named Daniella Guillen (12th) said, “I think Vine is way better than TikTok because Vine came first and TikTok wouldn’t be the way it is without Vine. Vine walked, she strutted that runway mama, so that TIKTOK COULD RUN!” The third response came from Ethan Stewart (11th) who said, “Well usually I would say Vine but that would be nostalgia, so I would say TikTok because it provides more content. Vine will always have a special place in my heart though.” The fourth response came from Paige Ramandanes (11th) who responded with, “I prefer vine because TikTok is almost like a continuation of Vine. TikTok probably wouldn’t be TikTok without it.” My opinion on the question would have to be, I prefer TikTok over vine only because when vine was in its prime I was pretty young so I was too afraid to make any vines of my own , now that I’m older I don’t care and I’m comfortable with posting videos and I understand the humor that goes behind TikTok whereas with vine, I only understood the jokes after I was older, and my humor broadened. But by then, vine was dead, and I was mostly watching vine compilations on YouTube. In Conclusion, mostly teens believe that Vine is better than TikTok in terms of nostalgia and believe Vine paved the way for TikTok while some feel that TikTok is better because they can better utilize it due to the fact that they understand it more than Vine because most of them were too young to understand joke made on Vine. Rest in Peace Vine.

>>  AJ and the Queen

The New Netflix show starring RuPaul Charles

BY: Kiersten McDonald

AJ and the Queen is a new Netflix show which stars RuPaul Charles as Robert, also known by his drag name, Ruby Red. Robert has spent his entire drag career-saving up enough money to open his own drag club so he can be his own boss. Robert shared this dream with his boyfriend who ends up being a grifting, con artist who maxes out Robert’s credit cards and leaves him penniless. Nevertheless, Robert, as Ruby Red decides to continue with his cross-country tour where he performs and brings the house down with his glorious lip-syncing.
After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, Robert is met with a pint-sized surprise. Ten-year-old AJ whose full name is Amber Jasmine after the two nurses who helped her mother give birth to AJ stows away in Robert’s RV. AJ hides in the RV because she is trying to get to her grandpa’s house in Texas who lives off the grid because he “doesn’t trust the man”. Even before AJ decided to get a ride with Robert, AJ tried to steal Robert’s money he won from his last drag show in New York. Like any other person, you’re probably wondering where AJ’s parents are during this time. AJ doesn’t have a relationship with her father, in fact, she doesn’t even know him. AJ’s mother is a drug-addicted prostitute who constantly leaves AJ by herself. The last time this happened, AJ was forced to live in an orphanage that she later ran away from.
The relationship between AJ and Robert starts off rocky but ends up loving. The show is filled with everyone’s favorite real-life drag queens such as; Bianca Del Rio, Katya Zamolodchikova, Jinkx Monsoon, Vanjie Mateo, Latrice Royale, among the other amazing drag alumni. If the name RuPaul sounds familiar to you, RuPaul is the host of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Pretty much every drag queen on the show you see has been on the show such as Bianca Del Rio who won season six of the show without ever having to lip-sync for her life. The show, in general, is a comedic show that displays a lot of life lessons. Sure, on the outside it may look like some random show that only appeals to the LGBTQ+ demographic on Netflix. But the show gives audiences about life lessons like dealing with family members who have unhealthy addictions, not putting labels on kids and letting them figure themselves out, and helps people realize that life is not always black and white, there are some gray areas.

>>  Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch YouTuber commonly known by her channel name, NikkieTutorials.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch YouTuber commonly known by her channel name, NikkieTutorials. Nikkie has had a platform on YouTube for the past ten years and has accumulated over thirteen-million subscribers and has over one-point-two-billion views on her entire channel. Nikkie is heavily involved in YouTube’s beauty community where she has partnered with brands like Too-Faced, Maybelline, and Morphe, among other high-end brand names. On January 13, 2020, Nikkie uploaded a seventeen-minute-long video titled, I’m Coming Out. To some people, they thought they were going to be watching a video about Nikkie addressing the Maybelline hostage rumors that started two-years ago regarding her videos using sketchy Maybelline products that she swore by. To others, they didn’t know what the video would be about. Nikkie started the video by explaining how she never felt comfortable in her own body. She said she used to love to dress up and watch her mom put on make-up and loved to do traditionally girly things. Nikkie had full support from her teachers and from her mom and they simply told her to be herself. Nikkie then took a deep breath and revealed that she was born into the wrong body...and was transgendered. With Nikkie being on YouTube for so long and this never coming up, fans were shocked. Some fans responding on twitter with statements like, “I couldn’t tell” or ones like, “she passes so well”. Nikkie received full support from her fans, friends, and family. Then, the video took a turn, Nikkie revealed that someone had threatened to out her, so she decided to take her power back and come out by herself. This resulted in an uproar from fans because they wanted to know who was the one who caused Nikkie to reveal this. Nikkie’s situation started an internet conversation about how dangerous being outed when you’re not ready can be. In 2010 a teenage boy killed himself after being outed as gay on social media. There are numerous stories of people who were keeping their secret and waiting until they were sure they were ready, who end up seriously hurting or killing themselves because someone else thinks their sexuality is a joke to laugh at. Forcing anyone to come out when they are not ready can be dangerous because you don’t know how their families will react. Kids get thrown out of their homes every day for coming out and wanting to finally be comfortable in their own skin. Still, Nikkie’s one of the few lucky ones who were able to take back their power and reveal their truths when they want to at a time that is the best fitting for them.