>> Sophia Moore

Birthplace: North Carolina
Grade: 12
-Food: Popcorn
-Ice Cream: Cinnamon
-Movies: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
-TV Shows: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
-Song: Wait for Me
Three Words That Describe Me: Chill, Productive, and Introverted
Extreme Activity: Theatre, Puzzles, and Hiking
The One Thing I Couldn't Live Without: Live theatre


>>  Don’t be late G!!!

SJHS' opinions on the new tardy policy.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Stonewall Jackson has come up with a new, not so popular, way of ensuring that students get to class on time.

If you have been attending Stonewall for at least two-years now, you probably know that there is a new tardy policy that has been installed. When asking people about their opinions and feeling on the new tardy policy, most, if not all of them had not so wonderful things to say about it.

One student by the name of Sandra Maldonado (10th grade) said, “I don’t like it, I hate it.” she then proceeded to explain why she hated it by saying, “I was tardy once and the teacher made me go all the way back to get a pass and by the time I got back to class I missed all the instructions, so I was confused.” The next responder was Leslie Montiel (12th grade) she said, “I personally have mixed feelings about it. I want to say it’s a good idea, but you have to wait for other people to get their passes before you.” “When you’re late to class, going back to get a pass is going to make you even more late.” The third responder was Nadege Gerard (10th grade) she said, “I don't like it because the kids don’t have enough time to get from class to class”. The fourth responder was Mannie Coleman (12th grade) he said, “I don’t like it, it’s stupid. It makes you later to class than you already are.” The fifth response came from Mr. Hyde who teaches 11th grade English, “I am not a big fan of it because it makes kids who would be ten seconds late for class ten minutes late for class. At the same time it is also holding students accountable” Mr. Hyde is afraid kids will use the excuse that they are tardy and spend more time than they should outside of class with their friends. The sixth response from a student was from Alexander Kelly (12th grade). Alex said, “The tardy policy is really unnecessary because it makes kids later to their class than what they already are. The lines at the stations are super long and there’s people who don’t know how to do it and they end up holding up the line.” The seventh and final response comes from Sargent McKinney from ROTC. His response sheds a positive light on the new tardy policy. A summary of what Sargent said is, the policy was too relaxed so now the administrators are taking initiative. Teachers weren’t writing referrals for kids who were tardy because it interferes with their teaching. Now the admins take care of referrals for the teachers. It helps teach students the value of being on time and teaches them accountability and responsibility.

In conclusion, the new tardy policy is hated by most and loved by few. Some teachers may like the new policy because it takes the weight off their shoulders, whereas students probably hate it more because its time consuming and annoying.

>>  PSAT

Cost Effective or Nah G?

BY: Kiersten McDonald

It’s that time of year again, where students all over America take the PSAT. More importantly, at Stonewall Jackson High.

When asking five students the questions, “Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to pay for people who want to take the PSAT?” And “Doesn’t it make sense to only pay for the students who want to take it over making everyone take it?” The first student named Daniella Davila (12th grade) said, “I feel like they could have asked the students or made them sign up if they wanted to take the PSAT. There are some kids who already know they don’t want to go to college, so what’s the point in paying for the test if kids aren’t going to go to college.”

The second student responded with, “I mean no, not really because a lot of people don’t want to take it so having a couple people take it and make a little change is pointless. Whereas, you could have everyone take it for free so people can practice without worrying if they have enough money to pay for it” said Anijah Pearson (10th grade).

The third student named Brandy Posada (12th grade) said, “It’s dumb to pay for something not everyone wants to take. Most people including myself, don’t take it seriously. A lot of students stay home that day because they don’t want to take it. They end up skipping or staying home that day.”

The fourth student named Hannah Spencer (10th grade) responded to the two questions with, “I think it is more cost efficient, but I don’t necessarily think it’s a better idea. If you gave students the choice of whether to take the PSAT or not, most students would decide not to take it. I think everyone should take it just to see what the real SAT is like, so they can prepare for when they take it. So, the school should provide the test for everyone regardless if they want to take it or not then once they have the test, it’s the student's choice whether to try or not but they should be forced to at least see what it’s like.”

The fifth and final response to the two questions came from an 11th grade student named Milton Sosa. Milton said, “I think that the school should only pay for the people who want to take it so that students can take it seriously. Freshmen shouldn’t have to take it, so the school can save money. There should be a survey or a poll to see how many freshmen want to take the PSAT so that the school doesn’t waste money buying a bunch of tests no one will use.”

This is a topic that creates a ripple between people because there can be flaws found from both ends of the responses. In the end, responses to the questions stated above were pretty much mixed. Most of the students who were interviewed said there should be certain restrictions for when it comes to Freshman, but others just said that Freshman should suck it up and take the test like the rest of us.

>>  Momo

The story behind and the dangers of the Momo internet challenge.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

If you have been up to date on social media, you might be aware of the Momo Challenge. The Momo Challenge is a hoax/ urban legend about a social media challenge that started on Facebook. The challenge slowly started seeping out to other outlets. The challenge is aimed at children and entices them to do harmful acts to themselves. The acts include putting forks into electrical sockets, turning gas stoves on, and even killing themselves. If you're wondering how we know the challenge is fake, well, the face for Momo is actually a sculpture made by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi who is known for making crazy-looking dolls using different parts of animals. The challenge is insanely harmful and is even linked to the death of a twelve-year-old girl. To get into contact with Momo, kids are dared to go through the app WhatsApp. That's how you know this challenge is fake because first of all, who even is on WhatsApp anymore besides creeps and weirdos. To make light of the situation as social media does, someone made a video and posted it to Instagram to show Momo’s side of the story. The video is basically her saying that it wasn't her fault kids were hurting themselves and that she “has four kids she needs to worry about herself” So I guess, the only kids Momo is worrying about are her own. This isn't the first time this challenge has been around. The challenge goes away and continues to come back. No one really knows why but we know one thing for certain, it's scaring the crap out of kids and adults especially. It appears the challenge is horrifying adults more than kids due to parents being afraid that one day their child won't be alive anymore. Teenagers aren’t really going to care about the challenge considering most teens are always expressing how much they want to die anyway so a little internet scare tactic isn't going to scare them as much as impressionable, little kids. In closing, this internet challenge is super fake and Y'all really shouldn't be scared. If the challenge happens to be real though and Momo sees this article and wants to come and kill me, let her know that I'm not scared of her… PERIOD!!!

>>  Nice Job Aunt Becky

2019 College Bribery Scandal

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Every kid, especially in high school, knows how much their parents love them. We all know our parents want the best for us and want us to get into a good college. Well, with what happened earlier this month, these parents took it way too far. Rich families could hire someone to take the SAT's for their children or bribe the schools into accepting their children into prestigious schools without any fight at all. Or, at least they could before this scandal took place. We don't fully know how this started or why this happened. No one truly knows who was negatively affected or if these parents were trying to secure their children’s futures, but we do know that out there, there are kids who deserved to get into prestigious schools who didn't get to all because their spots were taken by some selfish people who did not deserve to be accepted at all. One of the people responsible for this scandal was actress Lori Loughlin and her daughter Olivia Jade. You may know Loughlin from playing the iconic role of Aunt Becky from the 90s sitcom Full House. Since finding out that Loughlin and her daughter were involved, they have been dropped from household names such as Hallmark and Sephora. Numerous court cases have started with trying the parents who illegally had their children admitted but the parents aren't truly the problem. The real people at fault are the colleges themselves. How could they have allowed something like this to happen? This just proves how untransparent college admissions are. Another thing at fault is the fact that society favors wealth too much. The only people doing this kind of stuff are wealthy, well taken care of families. In society, we say that everyone is equal, but it is very apparent that we are not all equal. While lower-income families are panicked, stressed, and practically killing themselves to get and maintain good grades, some wealthy kid who doesn't pay attention at all in school is getting into colleges like Yale without even trying. Personally, I feel awful about the people being negatively affected by this scandal. Imagine bending over backwards to ensure that you can take care of your family and applying to a college you know deep down that you can get into, only for that to be taken away by someone who received your spot with the help of their parents and their status.

>>  Keanu Reeves is the Goat

Keanu Reeves and how he’s the only good thing left in this cold, dark world.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Keanu Reeves is the ultimate Goat! Keanu Reeves is an actor commonly known for his role as Neo in The Matrix trilogy. It’s obvious how talented the actor is, but not a lot is known about his private life. His censoring of his private life might be due to the numerous tragedies he has faced in his life. Keanu Reeves’ father was tremendously neglectful due to his addiction to drugs. Reeves also struggled with dyslexia during his youth. Reeves’ close friend, River Phoenix died in a very public way outside of a Hollywood Club called the Viper Room. This obviously affected Reeves in a negative way because he lost his closest friend in a negative way. These series of tragedies didn’t stop there, Reeves was expecting a baby with his then girlfriend Jennifer Syme. Their daughter was born stillborn which resulted in a strain on their relationship. Syme and Reeves remained close friends until her sudden death in 2009 from a car crash at the age of twenty-nine. Kim Reeves, Keanu’s sister was diagnosed with leukemia. Keanu became her primary caretaker for the duration of her battle. Reeves even went as far as to set up a charity in her honor, without attaching his name to it. Reeves’ kindness isn’t a façade as many celebrities use to gain attention. Keanu is known to treat the stage hands and “grunt workers” with respect and even taking them out for breakfast and lunch. Keanu is known to be very approachable and easy to talk to. On the set of the Matrix, Keanu Reeves heard that a worker was going through a hard-financial situation with their family, Keanu gave him a $20,000 Christmas bonus. Keanu Reeves probably has one of the biggest hearts in Hollywood. In 1997 he was spotted by the paparazzi eating snacks and conversing with a homeless man. Keanu Reeves is known to do his own stunts. He did his own stunts in his 1994 film Speed and trained in wire-Fu for the matrix. Most recently, Reeves did pretty much all his stunts in John Wick, except for the scenes where he’s getting hit by a car, that was taken on by his stunt double. There aren’t many good people in the world now. Some people already famous or gaining fame aren’t afraid to show their true colors by lying or doing unforgivable things. Keanu Reeves seems to be one of the only genuine people using their stardom for the greater good. Keanu Reeves donates to charities and started one for his sister without tying himself to it. In conclusion, we need to protect Keanu Reeves at all costs.