>>  Slippery Situations

A look into the situation keeping all athletes on their toes, or maybe even causing them to slip.

BY: Michael Peer

We all love watching athletes perform in adverse conditions, however, many coaches and athletes themselves think differently. For most of us at Stonewall who are football fans, field hockey, or even volleyball fans, we’ve all seen various conditions throughout fall, and we all love fall football, but there’s been one clear disrupter this fall, the rain.

>>  Not your Average Marching Band

An inside look to the world of the Stonewall Jackson Marching Band

BY: Alex Kelly

“Trust the process”, and “Counting is part of your visual performance”, are phrases students will hear walking to their cars in the student parking lot. When the Stonewall Jackson Marching band is practicing, It’s the sound of SJHS’s band director Vince Bryk hard at work making sure the marching band is in tip-top shape for competitions and performances.

>>  Don’t be late G!!!

SJHS' opinions on the new tardy policy.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Stonewall Jackson has come up with a new, not so popular, way of ensuring that students get to class on time.

If you have been attending Stonewall for at least two-years now, you probably know that there is a new tardy policy that has been installed. When asking people about their opinions and feeling on the new tardy policy, most, if not all of them had not so wonderful things to say about it.

>>  PSAT Week

Prepping for the SAT

BY: Matthew Brown

The PSAT's are something every student dreads, but for teachers, the PSAT's do not put as much stress on them as it might seem. PSAT is a pre-SAT. The SAT is very important for college applications, as it shows colleges what type of student you are. The PSAT's in return, put a lot of stress on the students taking them.

>>  PWC Police coming to SJHS

A class that is new exciting and full of criminology.

BY: Brandy Posada

Forensics science is a new and refreshing science that is offered to students that have taken chemistry. The class explores topics that are commonly seen in crime scenes and are studied in criminology. The class is taught by Mr. Kaplan and Ms. Ahrens.

>>  A step to end discrimination, hatred,

sexism, stereotypes, etc.

Peer diversity explores the diversity between students and their cultures.

BY: Daniella Davila

Have you ever heard of peer diversity at Stonewall? It’s a club that focuses on teaching students about stereotypes, prejudices, racism/discrimination, and other topics. Peer diversity is run by Mrs. Mcguigan, a French and Spanish teacher here at Stonewall, along with many student officers. Their meetings are usually held once month, on a Wednesday. To get more information, visit Mrs. Mcguigan in room 2004.

>>  Learn more about our new teachers!

New year, New faces

BY: Pilar Andaracua

Every year, Stonewall Jackson High School receives new teachers and staff, so I decided to interview some teachers to get to know them better and asking how and why they are here. This is Mrs. Stearman’s fourth-year teaching, all of them at Stonewall. She mainly teaches freshmen and sophomores, but last year she did Creative Writing 2 and it had students in grades 10-12.