>>  How time flies...

Seniors at stonewall describe their years and what they have experience at stonewall.

BY: Catherine Quezada

Stonewall Jackson High School, like many other schools, is a place where students get to grow and find out what and who they want to be. Although a lot of students believe that Stonewall is “ghetto” there is a lot of diversity.

I interviewed students to infer how they have grown as individuals and where they see themselves in ten years.

A senior, Fizan Ali, describes school as a roller coaster ride, he says that stonewall is unique from any other school because of the diversity. When asked what he where he sees himself in ten years he said, “working for a tech company, living in a single friendly house, owning a husky and a motorcycle.”

A twelfth grader, Robert Bateman, describes his four years in high school as an okay place and thinks that this school is the oldest school from any other school around the area. He also thinks the school should spend less money on sports and more money on the classrooms. When asked where he sees himself in ten years he said, “graduated from GMU with a degree in medicine. Maybe have a family living in a sub area.”

Helina Zerfe, a senior, describes this school as very fun and glad she met good friends. She says, “this school needs better boys and better food!” when asked what makes stonewall different from other schools she said, “I like how diverse the school is and the ethnicity. It would be boring if we went to a school with the same race.” when questioned where she sees herself in ten years she replied with, "crossing the Harvard stage”

A senior, Paola Arias, when asked what she thinks about school so far, she said, “I think it’s a super fun environment.” when asked what she thinks makes us different from every other school she said, “we don’t have windows.” “in Texas living in a city apartment, living with my dog Luna.”

Although people believe that Stonewall can be ghetto and there is one unique difference that makes us different, that is the diversity. Everyone is viewed as an equal, no one is left out because of their different race, gender, or religion. When we graduate, we won't view stonewall as ghetto, we will view it as a place where we made great memories and met people from everywhere and found a common interest. 

>>  Chile is over the inequality.

Students began protesting for the inequality but now millions have joined the protest.

BY: Catherine Quezada

Students began protesting for the inequality but now millions have joined the protest.

This protest all began on October 6th when the president announced an on the mero stations. This new increase led high school students to jump turnstiles (mechanical gates that allow one person to enter at a time, after paying) at metro stations in Santiago, Chile. These students started taking the fight online and encouraged others to do the same by using the hashtag, #EvasionMasiva, because they found the new increase unfair. After the many post a lot more students began to join this protest and it became so big that some metro stations were forced to close, and police began to violently comprehend passengers who had jumped over turnstiles. This riot took a major toll when protestors set six metro trains on fire.

Not long after many started joining the protest but not just for the metro protest, many poor and middle-class Chileans began to protest because they were fed up with the rising cost of utilities. Although the exports and economy in Chile has begun to grow the poor side of Chile does not get equality, the rich Chileans get to live better while the rest of Chile must pay even more money than before.

So, what do protestants want? It all began as a disobedient act for metro payment but now it has turned into millions of protestants demanding equality, protestants are complaining about low wages, paltry pensions and ever more expensive transportation and utility costs. president has declared a state of emergency that night because of the riots that had been breaking out.

Chile is not resting until the president is gone, they want him to resign, the crowd have begun to chant “you have taken so much from us that you even took away our fear” , “ Chile is finally awake and we won't stand by this mockery” , “The people, united, will never be defeated.” the protest has been going on for a week now and they don’t plan on stopping, in fact, Protest is in Plaza Baquedano, downtown Santiago, everyday more people join the protest for equality.

>>  The Lies We Believed from High School Movies...

Growing up we all watched the high school movies and tv shows such as High School Musical, Mean Girls, The Kissing Booth, and so on.

BY: Catherine Quezada

SGrowing up we all watched the high school movies and tv shows such as High School Musical, Mean Girls, The Kissing Booth, and so on. These movies created false expectations, false bias, and portrayed high school as a place where you go to relax and have a good time.
As children we watched these high school movies and we thought we understood the normality of high school. These movies and tv shows consisted of mainly teenagers being separated into categories such as the nerds, the jocks, the freaks, the band kids and the theaters kids. In the movie it was frowned upon if one of the cool kids talked to one of the geeks. Or if one of the geeks wanted to sit with one of the cool kids. However, in real life, or at least at Stonewall Jackson High School, there are no “groups” meaning kids hang out with whoever they want. I went around and asked a couple of students what if they thought about the high school movie’s interpretation of high school such as the different groups and I got a lot of the same response.
Chris Gussman, an eleventh grader, when asked if he had watched high school musical or any other movies he said yes, when asked what he expected high school to be like from what movies had portrayed, he said, “ I excepted a lot of diversity and that what I received at this school, I never expected musicals numbers because that is a movie and fiction vs reality. I never expected a lot of stuff that goes down in the movies, they did not show the struggles of high school. When asked if he thought there were groups in real life such as the ones that were divided in the movies he said “i don’t think it's real but I do believe that your personality affects your friend circle.”
Gabriella Rodriguez, an eleventh grader, when asked if she had watched high school musical or any other movies, she said, “I did not expect a lot from watching the movies because nobody is singing out of nowhere, and there aren't any clicks at stonewall.” When asked if she thought there were groups in real life such as the ones that were divided in the movies, she said, “i don’t think so, I mean some people get really pressed if you don’t hang out with them all the time but I think that’s about it.”
In the movie “High School Musical” a lot of the characters spend a lot of their school hours just in the halls or talking in class and after school they don’t ever do homework like at all, there was probably one scene where one of the kids were doing homework. In reality all we do is homework; we get homework almost every day. We also spend a lot of time at school doing classwork and learning rather than just in the halls and talking and singing in class.
Gabriella Rodriguez, an eleventh grader, when asked if the movies portrayed the movies in high school correct, she said, “they never had homework, only Gabriella in high school musical and that is false, we have homework every day!!”
In conclusion, high school movies and shows gave us really false expectations about high school and that was really messed up of them because they made us believe that instead of class work we would be singing or having a good time and instead of homework we would be spending time with our friends and going to football/ basketball games and even finding the love of our lives, which by the way is all false.

>>  What is Disney plus?

What to expect about this new app.

BY: Catherine Quezada

Disney+(plus) launched November 12, 2019 and it has become a hit all over the world. Disney plus is an on-demand Disney Plus which includes all of Disney's family-friendly content such as movies and tv shows, basically, anything made for audiences up to a PG-13 rating. It'll have content from Disney proper, Marvel, Lucasfilm (so, Star Wars), Pixar and National Geographic. Disney plus is also an ad free stream and subscribers can watch it on tablets, hone, tv, or computers.

Disney+ only costs $6.99 per month and there is also an option to purchase a bundled package for all three services with Hulu and ESPN+, which costs $12.99 per month. The ad-supported version of Hulu is actually $5.99 a month on an individual basis, and ESPN+ is $4.99 per month. If you have not yet fully explored the world of streaming services, the bundle may be the perfect opportunity to do so at a competitive price.

Within the first 24 hours of the new Disney plus launch, over 10 million people have registered for the app in the U.S, Canada, and the Netherlands., for comparison, HBO took nearly three years to reach five million subscribers. However, subscribers of Disney plus have complained about glitches and service outages, people are still extremely excited that they get to watch content from Disney proper, marvel, Lucasfilm (Star Wars), Pixar, and national geographic. Disney plus also offers all 30 seasons of the Simpsons.People are extremely excited to hear that on November 19th Disney plus will be available all over the world. Lastly Disney plus will also be available in Spanish. (en Espanol.)

>>  Thanksgiving traditions

How thanksgiving is spent differently among students.

BY: Catherine Quezada

Thanksgiving is a holiday where families have dinner and give thanks. However, this may not be the case for everyone. A lot of people have created different traditions and how they spend their thanksgiving. For example, my family likes to cook turkey, and we all each make one food we like. Later we decorate the table and set the food and we take a family picture, before eating we sit down, and we all say one thing we are grateful for. After we eat my parents leave to go black Friday shopping and my siblings and I play board games and watch movies while eating some sort of dessert.

Paola Arias, a senior, says her family keeps the same tradition every thanksgiving of cooking together and then watching movies as a family. Sahe said, “it's funny but we always watch Christmas movies.”

Kevin Elias, a junior in high school, says, “my family and I eat ‘pollo horneado’(baked chicken) and we drink uhm water and we give each other's gift which is weird because it isn't Christmas but it's something we have done for as long as I can remember and then we watch movies.”

Selena Campos, a sophomore, says “omg what I do is my family and I eat right? And then here comes the great part! WE ALL TAKE A FAT NAP!” she then continues and says, “also, sometimes we like to go play hide and go seek in the woods when is dark outside, waiting for someone to kidnap us”

Daisy Garcia, a 12th grader, says, “I Hang out with family, I usually go anywhere my family goes, they usually like to go on road trips, like this year we are going to Alabama and then usually go out to get a bite to eat then go out for a walk.”

In conclusion, we all spend thanksgiving differently, some of us have created traditions while others have different traditions every year. Some like to go all out for thanksgiving and some don’t really celebrate thanksgiving. However, what we can all agree on is that thanksgiving week is the week where we don’t have school, and we all agree that teachers really shouldn't be allowed to assign homework because that is really whack and We just want to be able to spend thanksgiving with our families and enjoy that time together as a family, rather than being stressed about all of the homework that we have to do during the holiday break.

>>  Operation  Turkey

What is operation turkey and how to can help a family in need…

BY: Catherine Quezada

We all celebrate thanksgiving. However, some of us are less fortunate than others which is why the community has organized and created a way to donate food to give to those less fortunate on Thanksgiving Day. Operation turkey is a 100% volunteer organization with more than 30,000 volunteers working without getting payed. These volunteers work together to ensure that everyone receives a meal on Thanksgiving Day.

Each year the operation turkey organization prepares, package, and deliver meals to the homeless and those less fortunate. There are plenty of ways to help with operation turkey. Some are donating can foods or donating money online. Schools in prince William county provides meals to more than 1,200 families who would otherwise not have been able to join in the festivities. Some things people donate is canned vegetables, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, canned sweet potatoes, or instant potatoes, rice, etc.

Another way you can help is to is by volunteering. In 2016, operation turkey delivered more than 40,000 meals to the homeless in 13 official cities and six states. This year the goal is to deliver 50,000 meals with even more locations. Workers work throughout the year to ensure everything is in place to prepare, package, and deliver warm care packages with clothing and, meals. On Thanksgiving Day volunteer workers work from 8am- 12pm.

For more information you may visit http://nvfs.org