>>  The Colleges Are Coming!


There are Hundreds of colleges to choose from and seniors can get real stressed out choosing which ones they are interested in. Luckily, here at Stonewall, we host college visits throughout the school year.

The vast majority of seniors are looking toward colleges in Virginia. The top picks are University of Virginia, James Madison, George Mason, and Christopher Newport. Many seniors are already signed up for the end of September when Christopher Newport comes to visit.

A handful of the students we got to interview said that they have in fact signed up and went to one of the college visits here at Stonewall. Senior, Rachel Francis commented “ I signed up early because I know the list gets filled up fast.” Lists have been filling since mid September like for example Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia even though it is scheduled for the end of October.

Most of the seniors we got to interview had a good idea on how find the right information for colleges and also how to apply to a specific college. Senior, Maddie Williams replied with, “ I know I can find information on Family Connection through Mr. Laurence`s page and I am sure guidance would help us out if need be.” According to Senior, Dominique Capone, she answered that she does not really know where to look for the information regarding the college information
She is interested in.

Career counselor, Mr. Lawrence encourages students to attend at least one college visits. Especially if you are not sure what a specific college offers. Most of the time during the visits, colleges will explain different programs such as clubs, sports, and specialty programs that go on in the school. They also may hand out flyers that tell you all about the school and the different majors that school has that you can study.

Overall, picking a college can be very difficult to some. College is difficult. Thankfully our teachers and stuff help us make that decision a little less stressful by setting up information to help students know exactly when colleges are coming to visit and information on that certain college.

It can be the biggest decision in a student`s life, so choose wisely and good luck!

>>  Don't Forget the Deadlines!


November is usually a time to relax with football and turkey. That's not the case when it comes to seniors. November is also the time for college application and most importantly the deadline to apply.

Many seniors already have an idea on where they would like to apply to. Senior Leslie Coreas says that her top choices right now are William & Mary and James Madison university. She has not yet filled out any applications yet but hope so soon.

Luckily, most schools have extended Deadlines, which is helpful for the students that are not really sure which college they would like to go to.

If students have trouble finding out information on when deadlines are, our school websites provides has all the links and pages. All the information is found under the family counseling department page.

It is very important to figure out what college you are interested in soon because many colleges do not offer late applications. Most of the time sending out applications late puts you on what`s called a “holding list” for the school.

Another important factor that goes into picking a college is being able to afford it. Luckily, there is a program called FAFSA which stands for Federal Student Aid, which helps students pay for college. Which can help some student pick the college they really want to attend.

Like colleges, FAFSA also have deadlines for applications, which are usually due at the beginning of June. The great part of FAFSA is that it is eligible for any US citizen. Sadly not many students that I spoke to don't know much about the program. Senior Carleigh Bragg says “ I know what it stands for but that's it.” Students can easily access the FAFSA applications through Mr.Lawrence in the career counseling department or by going on our school's web page under the family counseling link.

At the end of the day applications for colleges can be extremely stressful to figure out. With the great resources we have here at stonewall it should make it a little bit easier on students. Just remember not to let the deadlines creep up on you. Also look, into FAFSA it could help you majorly.