>>  Slippery Situations

A look into the situation keeping all athletes on their toes, or maybe even causing them to slip.

BY: Michael Peer

We all love watching athletes perform in adverse conditions, however, many coaches and athletes themselves think differently. For most of us at Stonewall who are football fans, field hockey, or even volleyball fans, we’ve all seen various conditions throughout fall, and we all love fall football, but there’s been one clear disrupter this fall, the rain.

>>  Not your Average Marching Band

An inside look to the world of the Stonewall Jackson Marching Band

BY: Alex Kelly

“Trust the process”, and “Counting is part of your visual performance”, are phrases students will hear walking to their cars in the student parking lot. When the Stonewall Jackson Marching band is practicing, It’s the sound of SJHS’s band director Vince Bryk hard at work making sure the marching band is in tip-top shape for competitions and performances.

>>  Don’t be late G!!!

SJHS' opinions on the new tardy policy.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Stonewall Jackson has come up with a new, not so popular, way of ensuring that students get to class on time.

If you have been attending Stonewall for at least two-years now, you probably know that there is a new tardy policy that has been installed. When asking people about their opinions and feeling on the new tardy policy, most, if not all of them had not so wonderful things to say about it.

>>  PSAT Week

Prepping for the SAT

BY: Matthew Brown

The PSAT's are something every student dreads, but for teachers, the PSAT's do not put as much stress on them as it might seem. PSAT is a pre-SAT. The SAT is very important for college applications, as it shows colleges what type of student you are. The PSAT's in return, put a lot of stress on the students taking them.

>>  PWC Police coming to SJHS

A class that is new exciting and full of criminology.

BY: Brandy Posada

Forensics science is a new and refreshing science that is offered to students that have taken chemistry. The class explores topics that are commonly seen in crime scenes and are studied in criminology. The class is taught by Mr. Kaplan and Ms. Ahrens.

>>  A step to end discrimination, hatred,

sexism, stereotypes, etc.

Peer diversity explores the diversity between students and their cultures.

BY: Daniella Davila

Have you ever heard of peer diversity at Stonewall? It’s a club that focuses on teaching students about stereotypes, prejudices, racism/discrimination, and other topics. Peer diversity is run by Mrs. Mcguigan, a French and Spanish teacher here at Stonewall, along with many student officers. Their meetings are usually held once month, on a Wednesday. To get more information, visit Mrs. Mcguigan in room 2004.

>>  Learn more about our new teachers!

New year, New faces

BY: Pilar Andaracua

Every year, Stonewall Jackson High School receives new teachers and staff, so I decided to interview some teachers to get to know them better and asking how and why they are here. This is Mrs. Stearman’s fourth-year teaching, all of them at Stonewall. She mainly teaches freshmen and sophomores, but last year she did Creative Writing 2 and it had students in grades 10-12.

>>  Homecoming Weekend at SJ

Stonewall's homecoming weekend is an annual thing but this homecoming had a different flare to it

which made it spectacular.

BY: Alex Kelly

Stonewall Jackson started their homecoming weekend with a Bang ! as Friday classes capped with a pep-rally lead by the marching band parading through the halls letting students and teachers alike know it’s time to have some fun in the spirit of Stonewall.

>>  Why it’s important to register to vote

Some students who want to vote can’t because of their age, but those who are old enough don’t

have an interest in it.

BY: Brandy Posada

At the moment Virginians have very important elections that are very critical. In November the seats in the House of Representative are up for vote which can be important for us even as high schoolers.
If anyone follows politics then they must know that in the House of Representatives it’s a majority republican as it also is in the Senate.

>>  No school November!

November is going to be filled with days off.

BY: Daniella Davila

November is going to be a laid-back month for students and some teachers. The joy of any student is only attending school for a few days, and November is going to be exactly that month for students. We only attend school for 16 days the entire month.

>>  PSAT

Cost Effective or Nah G?

BY: Kiersten McDonald

It’s that time of year again, where students all over America take the PSAT. More importantly, at Stonewall Jackson High. When asking five students the questions, “Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to pay for people who want to take the PSAT?” And “Doesn’t it make sense to only pay for the students who want to take it over making everyone take it?” The first student named Daniella Davila (12th grade) said, “I feel like they could have asked the students or made them sign up if they wanted to take the PSAT. There are some kids who already know they don’t want to go to college, so what’s the point in paying for the test if kids aren’t going to go to college.”

>>  New and improved school

Changes happening to SJHS

BY: Matthew Brown

As you may or may not have noticed, Stonewall Jackson High School is changing. There have been many improvements, and new additions to the school. One change of which was the new tile on the third floor that happened over the summer.

>>  Michael Jackson Allegations

Recently a documentary of the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson, aired about the misconduct of

the raining superstar with younger fans coming forward speaking on how Michael Jackson sexually

abused them when they were kids.

BY: Alex Kelly

In the news recently, Michael Jackson “The King of Pop” has been across the headlines after an HBO documentary aired about Mr. Jackson’s conduct behind closed doors of Neverland, and how he sexually abused young kids he called his friends.

>>  Amazing Women

Women’s history month focuses on the many women that have accomplished things that could not

have been done many years ago.

BY: Daniella Davila

The month of March is dedicated to honor the many women that have contributed in society and to celebrate their achievements. This month is very important, as it shows how much women have achieved. Such as things they were not given the opportunity to do because of their sex. Not only does this month focus on the women with political status, but also women in the entertainment industry and average women.

>>  In Stonewall Jackson High School

something exciting is happening pretty soon

The modeling club has its final members

BY: Brandy Posada

It was announced about a month and a half ago that there would be an interest meeting for the modeling club and a lot were interested in it from the beginning. There was people that were signing up purely out of curiosity and others that were really interested in being a part of the club.

>>  Momo

The story behind and the dangers of the Momo internet challenge.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

If you have been up to date on social media, you might be aware of the Momo Challenge. The Momo Challenge is a hoax/ urban legend about a social media challenge that started on Facebook. The challenge slowly started seeping out to other outlets. The challenge is aimed at children and entices them to do harmful acts to themselves. The acts include putting forks into electrical sockets, turning gas stoves on, and even killing themselves. 

>>  SOL's

It's about test time at SJHS

BY: Matthew Brown

SOL time is a time of stress, cramming and a whole bunch of tests. Testing time stresses students out so much some of them can’t sleep until the SOL is done. The SOLs have been coming earlier and earlier giving kids less time to sleep. This has gotten to the point where some students flat out hate the tests and procrastinate.

>>  Alabama Tornadoes

Storms sweep across the US

BY: Pilar Andaracua

One week ago, a deadly string of tornadoes touched down in Alabama and Georgia. Twenty-three people died in the twisters in Beauregard, ranging in age from 6 to 89. Ninety were injured and as of Thursday, four remained in critical condition in three area hospitals but were expected to recover. One family, who met with President Donald Trump when he toured the area on Friday, lost 10 members of their extended family to the tornado.

>>  School Stuff

This week in school opinions students gave their opinion about the environment in school and the rules.

BY: Kevin Elias

This week in school opinions students gave their opinion about the environment in school and the rules.
I asked some students what they think about high school and most of them said that they don’t like, and a few said that high school is great. In my opinion school can be a rough time to anyone but as you start getting to know people and seen the good things that school give us you realize that school isn’t a bad place.

>>  The Christian Student Association

2019 CSA

BY: Michael Peer

The Christian Student Association is back! In my 3 years past of being at Stonewall Jackson High School I realized there was a massive need for a huge Christian influence, so my 4th year has come, and the CSA was started. When I first started the club, my goal was to bring others in and to develop those of us who are already in Christ, but quickly, a more outreach oriented outlook was needed to be seeker friendly, and to bring others into the kingdom.

>>  New Field!!

A look at the new turf field.

BY: Michael Peer

Recently, Stonewall Jackson High School has installed a new turf football field. The decision came with the cost of last year’s Spring sports being moved off site. However, many athletes and teachers agree that it was a wise decision. The turf fields are easier to play on, usable in multiple forms of weather, and is a much softer cushion to land on.

>>  VSCO Girls


BY: Kiersten McDonald

sksksksksksk and I oop sksksksksksk and I oop”, that is the call of the Vsco girls. My definition of a vsco girl is a puka shell, oversized shirt, scrunchie wearing hydro flask using female of the human species. According to Urban Dictionary, a “Vsco girl wears oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts with Nike shorts....

>>  The African Genocide of Christians

And what this means for Christians across the globe.

BY: Michael Peer

Since the beginning of 2019, Christian families in Africa have been targeted by Islamic terror groups. The two groups have been reported by CBN as entering villages and hacking down anyone and anything that moved, forcing Christian civilians to recant their faith in Jesus Christ, which most if not all refused. The two militant groups would enter villages, and torch homes, and set up firing squads of families captured according to eyewitnesses of the incidents.

>>Fockey is Fun

Field Hockey and the season so far

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Numerous sports have been going on for the fall season. The sports that have started includes, football, volleyball, cross country, golf, and Field Hockey. The sport that displays excitement for the fall season is Field Hockey. The girls on the Field Hockey team have said numerous positive things about their season so far when asked. Sophomore Annika Kakkar who has been playing for two years said, the season is going good so far. We all get along on the field and off the field.

>>  When Is It Really Christmas Time

There is no holly jolly Christmas in October!

BY: Sophia Moore

Alright alright, I know this is a highly controversial topic. Like do Lizard people exist controversial. Nevertheless, this must be settled once and for all. When should people start celebrating Christmas? Some start caroling Michael Buble’s Christmas album as soon as school starts. Others, wait till the week of the holiday. These are two extreme cases and I believe there is a happy medium so that no one is driven crazy by Jingle Bells on repeat or hides their Christmas spirit until the morning of.

>>  The Lies in High School Movies

Growing up we all watched the high school movies

BY: Catherine Quezada

Growing up we all watched the high school movies and tv shows such as High School Musical, Mean Girls, The Kissing Booth, and so on. These movies created false expectations, false bias, and portrayed high school as a place where you go to relax and have a good time.

>>  Seniors vs Freshmen

The Divide Between the Top and the Bottom of the Heap

BY: Sophia Moore

Everyone knows about the rather shaky relationship between Freshmen and upper classes. The whole school seems to love to hate Freshmen and the trope seems to be a cliché in most High Schools. Though, what is it about Freshmen that people dislike so much? Does the dislike increase as people progress through high school? Maybe the dislike transformed into indifference for the underclassmen over the years.

>>  How time flies...

Seniors at stonewall describe their years and what they have experience at stonewall.

Catherine Quezada

Keanu Reeves is the ultimate Goat! Keanu Reeves is an actor commonly known for his role as Neo in

The Matrix trilogy. It’s obvious how talented the actor is, but not a lot is known about his private life.

His censoring of his private life might be due to the numerous tragedies he has faced in his life.

Keanu Reeves’ father was tremendously neglectful due to his addiction to drugs.

Reeves also struggled with dyslexia during his youth.

>>Saving Puppies in Times of Crisis

A woman brings dogs into her home during a hurricane

BY: Paola Arias

On Labor Day weekend a woman named Chella Phillips took 97 stray dogs into her home. Phillips lives in the Bahamas where the major hurricane Dorian was said to have hit the hardest. She runs a refuge for homeless and abandoned dogs, called The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau Bahamas, so it only makes sense that she would take all these dogs into her house to protect them from the storm. Phillips managed to keep almost 100 dogs safe this weekend through the help of friends and donations.

>> Inside Ecology Club

Interview with Mr. Smith and Mrs. Hruska

BY: Paola Arias

Are you looking for a new club to join? Well, Ecology Club is an important club at our school. This week I met with the club sponsors, Mrs. Hruska and Mr. Smith. I interviewed them on their experience running the club. I also interviewed a member of the club to get a student opinion. I asked the sponsors how this club was started; they told me that 15 years ago a group of six students came to them with the idea, together they go the club running and it's been going well ever since.

>>  Barcelona

F.C. Barcelona

BY: Kevin Elias

Ansu Fati... If you’ve never heard of Barcelona’s new superstar, you can’t be forgiven: until a couple of weeks ago, neither had the vast majority of the Spanish soccer club’s fans.
But the 16-years-old has been thrust into the limelight after making history on Saturday, becoming the youngest player in La Liga history to register a goal and an assist in the game.

>>  Chile is over the inequality.

Students began protesting for the inequality but now millions have joined the protest.

BY: Catherine Quezada

This protest all began on October 6th when the president announced an on the mero stations. This new increase led high school students to jump turnstiles (mechanical gates that allow one person to enter at a time, after paying) at metro stations in Santiago, Chile. These students started taking the fight online and encouraged others to do the same by using the hashtag, #EvasionMasiva, because they found the new increase unfair. After the many post a lot more students began to join this protest and it became so big that some metro stations were forced to close, and police began to violently comprehend passengers who had jumped over turnstiles. This riot took a major toll when protestors set six metro trains on fire. Not long after many started joining the protest but not just for the metro protest, many poor and middle-class Chileans began to protest because they were fed up with the rising cost of utilities. Although the exports and economy in Chile has begun to grow the poor side of Chile does not get equality, the rich Chileans get to live better while the rest of Chile must pay even more money than before.

>>  Cartels in Mexico

Last Thursday in the city of Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa state

BY: Kevin Elias

Last Thursday in the city of Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa state, a battle started between the government forces and drug cartel gunmen after the Mexican military captured two sons of the drug king Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The elder son, Ivan, was quickly freed by his men, who took power of the government forces and secured his release. Ivan then launched an all-out siege of the entire city to free his younger brother, Ovidio.

>>  Best Holiday

People’s opinions on what the best holiday

BY: Kiersten McDonald

With so many holidays right around the corner such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, it’s hard to know what the best holiday is. There are so many different types of people in our school with different cultures and traditions. When asking students what their favorite holidays was, I was met with some different responses. The first response came from Ethan Stewart (11th) who said, “Christmas mainly because it’s a time for family and friends, gifts, and the snow. The food is also one of the most amazing things about the holiday depending on the traditions and how people choose to celebrate their Christmas”.

>>  Call of Duty Modern Warfare Causing Controversy

The newest call of duty has caused controversy in Russia

BY: Kevin Elias

The mission that is causing this controversy is Modern Warfare’s Highway of Death, which sees players taking on a sniper operation overlooking the titular road. The game claims it earned its name after Russian forces bombed it during an invasion, killing anyone trying to escape the area.

This highway being set in the made up Middle eastern country of Urkistan, and Activision’s insistence that the story is fictional, critics have observed it is making more than passing similar to the real-world highway of death.

>>  Community College vs University Part 1

The Pros and Cons Concerning Your Futures

BY: Sophia Moore

Yes this is the second article I have written about college. What can I say? As a Senior, I think there is some importance in knowing all the possibilities and pathways I can take in less than a year (oh wow). In this article, I will focus on Community College and traditional Universities. There are some very big differences and some may influence your course of action after High School.

>>  Top 10 Horror Movies to Binge

For spooky season, it’s always fun to get into the spooky mood by watching some good horror movies.

BY: Paola Arias

For spooky season, it’s always fun to get into the spooky mood by watching some good horror movies. Everyone has a different definition of scary, some people are more scared by murderers, some by ghosts, others by creepy kids, but that’s why we have all these different genres with so much variety that everyone is bound to find the scary movie for them.

>>  Christmas Gifts Top Ten

Christmas is the time for generosity.

BY: Paola Arias

Christmas is the time for generosity, it’s the perfect time to show someone how much you care about them with a gift! The key to giving a good gift is not always in the price tag its more about knowing the person and knowing what they would want. Though Christmas is the best time for giving to loved ones, there may also be acquaintance or a distant relative that you are giving gifts to which makes it much more difficult to figure out a good gift. There also games of Secret Santa or white elephant which can be even harder. Regardless of how well you know the person sometimes we can get stumped with what to get someone.

>>  Black Friday VS Cyber Monday

Black Friday and cyber Monday are the biggest shopping events of the year.

BY: Paola Arias

Black Friday and cyber Monday are the biggest shopping events of the year and are basically considered holidays. Black Friday takes place the Friday after thanksgiving and is where stores have big sales and there are long lines with people fighting over products. Cyber Monday takes place the Monday after thanksgiving and is the online counterpart to Black Friday, stores have big discounts except, you don’t have to go through the hassle of leaving your house and potentially getting trampled by an angry mob.

>>  Operation Turkey

We all celebrate thanksgiving....

BY: Catherine Quezada

We all celebrate thanksgiving. However, some of us are less fortunate than others which is why the community has organized and created a way to donate food to give to those less fortunate on Thanksgiving Day. Operation turkey is a 100% volunteer organization with more than 30,000 volunteers working without getting payed. These volunteers work together to ensure that everyone receives a meal on Thanksgiving Day.

>>  Thanksgiving Around the World

Thanksgiving is commonly associated with football, food, parades, and thanks (obviously).

BY: Sophia Moore

Thanksgiving is commonly associated with football, food, parades, and thanks (obviously). It is a time to be with family, friends, and a time to be grateful. The smell of pie, turkey, and all the fixings fill the air while people prepare to fill their bellies and their souls. However, most people think Thanksgiving is uniquely American. As a matter of fact, several other countries celebrate similar holidays around the same time. Of course, most are not as well known to Americans. Here is a brief summary of how other countries celebrate and give thanks.

>>  Thanksgiving Feast

The differences and similarities between modern Thanksgiving food vs. Colonial thanksgiving food

BY: Kiersten McDonald

For many Americans, the Thanksgiving holidays’ meal mainly consists of turkey, stuffing/dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and various types of pie. The holiday was invented in November 1621 but wasn’t declared a regular national holiday until 1863 when Abraham Lincoln declared it as such. Plymouth pilgrims and Wampanoag Native Americans gathered for the autumn harvest, the celebration was celebrated because the harvest of corn and various other foods were successfully harvested and planted. The celebration took place over the course of three days and showed the unification between all regardless of differences.

>>  What Is The Real Meaning Of Thanksgiving?

One of the biggest holidays that excites people the most is thanksgiving. But do people really know the real meaning behind thanksgiving?

BY: Leeza Sherjang

One of the biggest holidays that excites people the most is thanksgiving. But do people really know the real meaning behind thanksgiving?
Most people think of the holiday as a day where there about to eat a bunch of foo, and the two sales, black Friday and cyber Monday that come right after thanksgiving. But in reality do people really understand, that, thanksgivings not just the one time of year where you eat turkey, but it’s also the day where you celebrate, give thanks, and remember how the holiday itself came about.

>>  Gun Rights Rally in Richmond

A Day of Tension In Southern Virginia

BY: Sophia Moore

On Monday the 20th of January there was a gun rights rally in Richmond. Protestors gathered in support for the maintenance of the Second Amendment. The idea of a pro gun rights rally may sound normal. After all, our country has ‘free speech’ and anyone should be able to speak their mind and have the right to rally. The rally in general is not the reason for the teaming tension in the state’s capital. In Charlottesville, August 2017, there was a white-supremist rally that ended in tragedy. The rally became a riot when anti-protestors arrived on the UVA campus. A white-supremist drove his car through a crowd of people, killing one and injuring several others. This event is probably one of the main causes for the armada of police officers in Richmond this past Monday.

>>  A Second Revolutionary War

American Princess Meghan Markel and Prince Harry Declare Independence From the British Monarchy

BY: Sophia Moore

On January 8th, the world was shocked to hear something other than a new baby come from the royal family. Already there was controversy within the monarchy with the marriage of American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Ever since their union, the British tabloids have incesently harangued Meghan. From comparing her to royalty’s sweetheart Kate Middleton to spreading rumors about her family the new princess has not had a break since being introduced to the life of royalty. Though, even after having a baby and trying hard to overcome the xenophobic publicity, Meghan Markel and Prince Harry have made a bold decision. The royal couple have decided to resign their status as senior members of the royal family. However, this resignation has not been accepted by Queen Elizabeth II and everyone keeping up with the royals has a few thoughts about this secession.

>>  Valverde left Barcelona

Barcelona's ex manager took training on Monday morning two weeks ago.

BY: Kevin Elias

Barcelona's ex manager took training on Monday morning two weeks ago. he didn’t know what was about to happen, so he drove into San Joan Despi not long after 8am. At 11 he was out on the training pitch as normal, players gathered in a circle around him, which was one way to say “goodbye …probably”. By the time he drove out again he knew it was likely to be for the last time. But not because they had told him.

On Thursday night Valverde's team had collapsed again. While they played better than they had so far this season, he got booed every time he appeared on the big screen. They were 2-1 up with nine minutes left against Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup in Jeddah, Barcelona lost 3-2. Three times was too many. Two already had been but almost everyone’s surprise the club didn’t act in the summer, instead they kept their coach. They did act now, just not actually well. “A bit ugly” Andres Iniesta said. “unpleasant” he called it.

>>  Xbox Series X

Xbox series X is the next generation Xbox, releasing in late 2020.

BY: Kevin Elias

Xbox series X is the next generation Xbox, releasing in late 2020. It was known by its code name “Xbox project Scarlet”, the Xbox series X was officially revealed at the game awards 2019 with a trailer showed off the next Xbox in all its glory.

Now we know when the next Xbox will release. We now know what the name would be, the specs that it will have and the design. The new Xbox is supposed to be one of the most powerful consoles if the time, their graphics and gaming experiences has gotten better. The design is just as a PC gamer, “a box” is how most of the people called.

>>  AJ and the Queen

The New Netflix show starring RuPaul Charles

BY: Kiersten McDonald

AJ and the Queen is a new Netflix show which stars RuPaul Charles as Robert, also known by his drag name, Ruby Red. Robert has spent his entire drag career-saving up enough money to open his own drag club so he can be his own boss. Robert shared this dream with his boyfriend who ends up being a grifting, con artist who maxes out Robert’s credit cards and leaves him penniless. Nevertheless, Robert, as Ruby Red decides to continue with his cross-country tour where he performs and brings the house down with his glorious lip-syncing.

>>  Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch YouTuber commonly known by her channel name, NikkieTutorials.

BY: Kiersten McDonald

Nikkie has had a platform on YouTube for the past ten years and has accumulated over thirteen-million subscribers and has over one-point-two-billion views on her entire channel. Nikkie is heavily involved in YouTube’s beauty community where she has partnered with brands like Too-Faced, Maybelline, and Morphe, among other high-end brand names. On January 13, 2020, Nikkie uploaded a seventeen-minute-long video titled, I’m Coming Out. To some people, they thought they were going to be watching a video about Nikkie addressing the Maybelline hostage rumors that started two-years ago regarding her videos using sketchy Maybelline products that she swore by.

>>  Australian fires

What is known so far about the rapid growing Australian fires.

BY: Catherine Quezada

130 fires were burning across to New South Wales state on Monday with 30 one more neighboring Victoria on Saturday conditions became Castro phobic with temperatures surging past the 100 Fahrenheit wildfires have blackened more than 23,000 square miles so far in an area about the size of West Virginia the human environmental economic tool on Australia's devastating wildfires is mounting each day but the country has barely begun to grasp the total cost of unprecedented blazes and how it will change the weather. About 480 million animals have died because of fires and a third of their habitats have been destroyed.

>>  World War III Memes

How people reacted to WWIII news

BY: Catherine Quezada

On January 3rd 2020, President Donald J. Trump ordered a strike missile that killed an Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, ‘to stop a war.’ This announcement overwhelmed the internet, except twitter and Tik Tok were affected differently. A lot of results were about how Trump started WWIII (World War III) and some social media users took this opportunity to make it into a joke. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I think the memes and the jokes are hilarious and personally I love them. I wanted to see if others at my school had the same view that I did. I asked three questions, what did they think about the WWIII memes? Why do you think people turned a serious situation into a joke? and lastly, how do you feel about Trump bombing Iran?

>>  Sexuality

Every day, there are many people who get judged due to their sexuality because it’s not right in the eyes of people in the public

BY: Leeza (Brooklyn)

Every day, there are many people who get judged due to their sexuality because it’s not right in the eyes of people in the public. It’s hard enough for people to come out as it is especially their families, so just imagine how hard it would be for them to deal with random people’s criticism as well every day because there not exactly what everyone else expects them to be or if there not what society claims to be ‘’normal.’’

Today, I went around my school and asked a few of my friends with different sexuality how they get treated outside and if they do get treated differently, how does that does that make him feel?

>>  Man Arrested For Trying To Mail Inmate Contraband

On January 13,2020 it was stated on the “daily herald” website, that a man in Macon, GA was arrested for trying to mail an inmate meth.

BY: Leeza (Brooklyn)

On January 13,2020 it was stated on the “daily herald” website, that a man in Macon, GA was arrested for trying to mail an inmate meth. According to the daily herald news website, “News outlets report 40-year-old Timothy Lee Snow sent the woman a Christmas card filled with drugs.” Timothy didn’t just mail 40-year-old Mary Beth, Odum the drugs, in fact she had explained to him over the phone on how to put all these different types of drugs including meth into a card that would later be sent to her in jail. “Bibb County Jail inmate Mary Beth Odum, 40, had told Snow over the phone how to put meth and other drugs into a card to send to her in jail, county sheriff's officials said Monday”

>>  The Florida Abortion Bill

and what it means for women

BY: Michael Peer

As of Thursday, January 22nd, the Florida state legislature is working on passing a law effectively banning abortions throughout the state. The bill was enacted to essentially be a direct challenge to the 1970s Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying, “These bills are a direct infringement of women’s constitutional rights.” Her statement caused a sea of uproar from pro-life organizers, who say in response that nowhere in the constitution is the right to abort a child guaranteed. This issue has been a hot topic in the nation since the New York state legislature passed a bill in which a child may be aborted up to two weeks after birth.

>>  Eli Manning Calls it Quits After 16 Seasons

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Is officially retiring.

BY: Michael Peer

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Is officially retiring after a hall of fame 16 seasons in the National Football League. During his tenure with the New York Giants, Eli Manning won 1 MVP award and 2 Super Bowl titles. While his stats may not have been the best in the league towards the end of his career, he was definitely consistent.

Prior to being benched last season, Eli had never missed a game due to Injury for his entire career. Eli was replaced early this season by promising young rookie Daniel “Danny Dimes” Jones, who showed his talent during the preseason. Daniel Jones showed his talent throughout the season, but with his team being generally inconsistent, all that talent only amounted to two regular season wins.

>>  Joaquin Phoenix and Animal Rights

Mr. Phoenix used his time for an acceptance speech to speak out for animal rights.

BY: Sophia Moore

Joaquin Phoenix was everyone’s favorite choice for the 2020 Oscar Best Actor award for his role in the psychological thriller Joker. When he went up the steps to receive his award and give his acceptance speech, he started off humbly, not feeling elevated above any of [his] fellow nominees' ' and fellow actors. Though, like many other award winners, his speech quickly turned political. He introduced the topic of “distressing issues” that were/are plaguing society today and using his platform to use his “voice of the voiceless” (Joaquin). However, unlike other speeches, Joaquin Phoenix not only mentioned voiceless humans, but animals as well.

>>  The Oscars’ Results 2020

A night of stars where the brightest (and often, the whitest) are recognized.

BY: Sophia Moore

On Sunday evening, February 9th, the Oscars took place in Los Angeles. Hundreds of talented actors, directors, costume designers, musicians, and more arrived on the red carpet in elegant gowns and smart suits. Though, the fashion was only a small part of the evening's festivities. The main event was the awards show. Janelle Monae opened the ceremony with a lively and fantastic musical performance where she praised the attendants but exposed the Academy for the plethora of snubs in the nominees (namely Greta Gerwig). Directly after, comedians Steven Martin and Chris Rock gave a humorous speech which also exposed the lack of diversity at the Oscars. Their rather shrewd comment about the lack of women using a synecdoche of their genitalia was crossing the line a bit, but the rest of the speech garnered plenty of laughs. After the constant reminder of the lack of gender and racial diversity at the awards, the distribution of the iconic golden statue began. Here is the list of winners.

>>  Senior experience so far...

A rant of a senior

BY: Catherine Quezada

Originally, I was going to talk about something else, but I think it's better if I talk about this because it needs to be heard but no one talks about it. Seniors are so tired and mentally drained. We have so much that we already worry about such as college applications, getting good grades, trying to keep up with every homework that we get. Why can't school just let us be free and stop giving us so much homework? We have work, after school activities, and we still need a social life to keep up with because once we graduate that'll be gone, once we graduate our new social life will be outside of what we know so we're going to be in a new environment to something and we're going to be just as nervous as we were our freshman year of high school. Piling homework after homework assignment after assignment just isn't stable for us.

>>  Voting in Virginia

How to register to vote and why the youth needs to go out and vote

BY: Catherine Quezada

The new voting law in Virginia states that if you are turning 18 before November 2020 then you are eligible to vote for the March 3rd primary election. Social media influencers are encouraging the young voters to go vote and let their voices be heard. However, to be eligible to vote you must have a fence identification and many teenagers do not have an ID yet. This causes voters like elderly and young adults to not be able to vote. For those who are eligible to vote don’t really think that their vote counts or that the whole election is rigged.
This article is pretty much about how to register to vote and why it’s important for you to go out and vote, let your voice be heard.
The first step of course is to look up the deadline to make sure you can still register. Next you want to fill out the application online which asks for social security number, your birthday, address, and any source of facial Identification.

>>  The Democratic Debates, and what you need to know.

  The democratic debates have been vicious and rigorous since the runners declared their candidacies.

BY: Michael Peer

While many have dropped out, there are currently 7 candidates left, and they have been hashing it out in the debates since they’ve started. The issue with this much mudslinging, is that it leaves a nominee that is seen as undesirable due to all the things that they’ve done coming to light. A lot of this process is political, and personal, and it is getting less and less about the issues as time goes on. Many of the candidates continue to take shots at the apparent front runner for the party, Senator Bernie Sanders. Bernie has led the polls for the past few weeks and continues to either tie or take the lead in state primaries. As Super Tuesday approaches, we will see if his record holds up, but in the mean time, his fellow candidates are pulling no punches to knock the Senator off his pedestal.