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Musings - Emily Williams
When people look at something much like a blog, they often stop to consider what deep and reflective information it will hold. Furthermore, the essence of musing itself it one of this same nature, however, I do not believe that all blogs, and/ or written pieces need to be presented this way. Instead, the musings that I have dwelled upon today are not for educational standards, but rather musings that put me in a good mood. I muse about what it would be like to have summer once again, or even what I want to do in the future. I muse about the pencil led I've had stuck in my leg, now a full decade, and the fact that I have had a library book checked out for a total of six months. My point being in this is that, blogs do not necessarily require deep thinking, they just have to make someone smile.

Favorite Bands - Tyler Dempsey
In exactly a month from now, on November 23rd, I will be seeing my two favorite bands - The Word Alive and The Color Morale - again in concert and I can’t wait. I saw and met them both for the first time this summer at Warped Tour and that was definitely one of the greatest days of my life so far. Telle Smith, the vocalist for The Word Alive, is my biggest inspiration and meeting him again next month is going to be amazing. I have VIP tickets so that I get a meet and greet with the band, I also get early entry to the show, and I get to watch the band do their sound check. The fact that I am getting early entry means that I can get barricaded for the entire show so I’ll be front row for when my favorite bands play. I haven’t been this excited for something since summer started and I am counting down the days.

Rough Week - Ruth Ramirez Fuentes
This week has been disastrous. I really thought my life was getting just a little better when BOOM! Something else pops up. My grandmother died and my mom is in the hospital, my baby sister is being taken care of by my older sister. My middle sister is about to have a baby in 3 weeks and my son keeps testing my patience. Last weekend after getting a phone call that my mom was in the hospital I went home. All I wanted to do was hold my son and cry; instead I got to daycare to find a child throwing tantrums.

Week 8 In the NFL - Hogan LePore
It is week eight of the NFL season and the Packers seem to be full speed ahead moving on to playing the New Orleans Saints on Sunday Night Football. As for last week, the Pack had an intriguing match up against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers came into this year as a championship contender, but have taken a step back and the wheels have fallen off. It showed this past Sunday when Green Bay jumped to an early twenty-one point lead. Going into half time, the score remained one sided, with the Packers leading 28-3. The rout continued as Green Bay, led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, scored ten more points before the game had ended. The second team defense and offense played most of the fourth quarter for the Packers, leading to two touchdowns for the Panthers. It wasn’t enough, Green Bay ended on top, winning 38-17. If Green Bay can keep up this high quality play they’ll be considered as a true NFL powerhouse, if not already considered as one.

Somewhat Lost - Asia Williams
Not knowing what you want to do what with your life is the hardest part in life. For me, being a teenager and having millions of people coming up to me and asking me what I want to do in life can become a headache. I haven’t fully decided what I want to do because I have so many things in my head that I want to do. When people ask me “Asia what do you plan to do after high school?” I get stuck in a state of mind that takes me forever to get out of. Most of the time it’s because I don’t know where to start. When I see that my friends have their life and goals in line it makes me feel like I’m the one that’s going to be a failure. I want to be something great in life and be wealthy - the problem is I just don’t know where to begin?

Being the Right Kind of Friend - Angelica Quijano
I would do anything for a friend if they really needed a helping hand. I know that close friends are supposed to always be there for each other and I don’t want to make anybody feel like I’m a fake friend because I honestly do care about everyone who has impacted my life. I have been asked before to do favors and always tried my best to follow through with whatever task they asked if I could do for them. It really sucks when someone asks if you can do something for them and you’re not able to follow through. My friend asked me to save a document for her today to her school fusion and I tried to find her document but I just couldn’t find it and now she is probably going to have to type her 8 paragraph essay all over again. I wish I could have done something, because I know right now she must be really upset, and that feeling is terrible.
The pep rally, located in SJHS gymnasium is a tradition in many high schools that promotes the homecoming court and tries to get students excited about the homecoming dance and game. It also promotes the school sports activities and clubs in the school.
The end of Spirit Week finally reached Stonewall Jackson this Saturday with the arrival of Homecoming. What most students can only describe as being a night to remember, Homecoming certainly lived up to its expectations once it finally arrived.
On Wednesday, October 8th the annual Stonewall Jackson Powder Puff game took place. Prior to the game I asked defensive coordinator for the senior team, Brendan Hickey (Grade 12), how he was preparing his team for this pigskin battle. He told me, “I believe our team is ready. Although I’ve only had a week to prepare, cramming can be successful.”
Every year in almost every school, there is always a spirit week. At Stonewall this year Monday was “Fan in the stands” day which everyone wore jerseys for sports teams.