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Stonewall Jackson’s cross country team has been overshadowed by the football team for some time now, but now is the time for this group of runners to shine.
We all know about the renovations in the cafeteria and that they gave up space to make the lines move slightly faster.
At Stonewall Jackson High School students are expected to recycle in class and the recycling system and boxes are supported by the ecology club.
While there have only been two practices, the intensity and athleticism of the game are already clear to those attending practices. The seniors are currently being coached by Mr. Ellis & Mr. Williams, and practice yesterday finally put the team’s plays into motion.
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Walking Dead...Tyler Dempsey
The first episode of season five of The Walking Dead aired on Sunday and I have to say, it was a success. When the producers stated that there would be a lot of action in the first episode of the season, they meant it. It was the best start to a season yet. The Walking Dead is one of those television shows that make you just want to get up off your couch and yell at the T.V if something goes bad, depending on how attached you are to it. If you’re like me, I am very emotionally attached to most of the characters in the show, so when one dies, I get up, I yell, and I get upset. The producers also told us that someone in this episode would die, which I was really hoping it would be Bob, and he was so close to dying… But they lied and no one important died. Anyways, I am very excited for next Sunday’s episode and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Football with a twist...Emily Williams
This past Monday marked the beginning of Stonewall Jackson’s Powder-puff practices. The actual powder-puff game will take place during Spirit Week in order to incite school spirit through an old school favorite- football, with a twist. It hasn't been until this year, my senior year that I have taken an interest in participating in Powder-puff. In fact, I was never too sure on what exactly it was not until my junior year. However, I want this year to symbolize a whole new me, and this includes stepping out of my comfort zone. Already, I've joined numerous clubs, and upon hearing about Powder-puff, went to tryouts this past Monday. Full of people I have gotten to know a whole lot over the past couple of years, I realized Powder-puff was going to be a blast! As I continue to work on my defense, I cannot wait to see if I make the game or not.