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Pope Francis and his journey to DC

By: Logan Carter

Gun Shop in Florida sparks controversy on Twitter Page

Making our way to our own little paradise.
By: Jessica Neves

By: Victoria Pitts

Story behind the Rock Paintings.

By: Victoria Pitts

Everyday People Face Problems No One Knows Of

By: Jessica Neves

By: Thomas Liles

By: Zachary Hinton

How our Chem club is taking initiative

By: Logan Carter

By: Madelyn Castellano

clock Kid goes from Jail to the White House

By: Byron Spence

As presidential campaigns heat up, so does the drama that comes with it.

By: Nick Arnold

The senior class wants a memorable class trip, but will they get it?

By: Nick Arnold

By: Alex Polk

Volkswagen Scandal Explained

By: Zachary Hinton