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Past Stories
Honesty in Journalism
By: Jonah Whitley
In light of recent events regarding the NBC reporter Brian Williams and his fabricated helicopter story, a discussion has arisen regarding the importance of honesty in journalism.
ISIS Burning People
By: Tyler Dempsey
Recently the Islamic activist group ISIS has taken to torturing and even killing their prisoners of war in an attempt to legitimize their organization.
Ex-mayor Lashes Out at President
By: Angelica Quijano​
Ex-mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani lashes out at our current president, Barack Obama. Giuliani states his beliefs on the idea that Barack Obama created propaganda that caused the death of two NYPD police officers from Saturdays shooting. 
NFL Scouting Combine 2015
Freaks of the Combine
by: Hogan LePore

As the NFL season (Super Bowl) comes to a rather sad close, the happily awaited NFL offseason begins. The offseason officially begins for organizations when their season ends (not making the playoffs or being knocked out of the playoffs).

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The Stolen Dress: Background Information
By: Asia Williams
Actress Lupita Nyong’o won best supporting actress Oscar last year “Twelve Years a Slave.” She wore a $150k pearl laden dress to the 87th Academy Awards Sunday.
Obama’s Immigration Act Shut Down by Congress
By: Emily Williams
In the political world, Obama’s reform involving citizenship for immigrants has captured a lot of unwanted attention, and the results so far have not been promising.