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“Senioritis” - Sickness or Excuse?
Courtney Boone
Senioritis is a term that developed in teen culture and has remained prominent for decades. Although, is this self-diagnosis just an excuse to sleep in on a Monday every week your last year of high school? Students weigh in on “senioritis” and what it means to them:

Your Major vs. Minor
Courtney Boone
Seniors are now in the home stretch of their high school careers. Now is the time to start thinking about classes you’ll be taking at your university in the fall. Many don’t know the difference between a major and minor though, which become useful when you can’t decide between two of your favorite subjects.
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Language Revival: The second year of the Latin program
Courtney Boone
The citizens of Rome are some of the most fascinating people of our world history to study. Stonewalls Latin class gives you this opportunity. Taught by Ms. Stanulescu, her passion is obvious as the course moves through the story of several characters living in Pompeii until the eruption of Vesuvius.

Virtual High School
Courtney Boone 
   What exactly is VHS? Does it provide the challenge of a rigorous IB course or the needed self-motivation to finish that review packet on time? Virtual high school seems to be a growing trend through the student body.

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Apple Vs. Android
Courtney Boone​
One of the biggest rivalries in technology is known by just about everyone young and old. Apples iPhone vs. Androids Samsung is prominent throughout our culture. But what’s the real difference between the operating systems? Does it matter to students buying phones?

Sick Days
Emily Williams
If there is one thing I’ve noticed during my years at Stonewall Jackson High School, it’s that “Sick Days” have developed a questionable meaning. The sick days that I am referring to are not the same as what I refer to “Mental Health Days”.

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Someone to Remember...
Nicole Floyd​
​Stonewall players had more than just the game or keeping their undefeated conference record in tack Saturday evening.

During halftime, the Raiders paid their respects to senior teammate Kendall Brown and her family after the passing of her mother Christy Brown on Jan. 16.

The New Beginning

Nicole Floyd
   The sport of volleyball has become a hot commodity, for lack of words. Not just because guys come to watch these females dive around on the ground in little spandex either, but because it’s fun to watch and fun to play. For Stonewall Jackson High School, girls’ varsity volleyball took this game more serious than just simply fun....
The Road to States
Nicole Floyd
   At some point, a sense of satisfaction might replace the sense of frustration that Stonewall Jackson felt that night in a Virginia AAA girls’ basketball semifinal at Siegel Center (VCU). 
   After a 48-38 loss in the state semi-final to Princess Anne in the 2012 season, the eighth-ranked Raiders had to be satisfied wondering what a different outcome could have been...
Boys Basketball Preview
Najel Franklin
   Another season of Stonewall Jackson High School basketball is coming up. I’m sure everyone is anticipating this season, seeing how we lost a lot of players from last year such as Marcus Farber, Mustafa Ali, Jr Washington and a few others who graduated last year. Those players helped us achieve 19 wins of 26 games and a district victory.

2014-15 School Calendar Includes Two Week Winter Break, Columbus Day Holiday for Students
Next year’s Prince William County Schools’ calendar will include a two-week winter vacation for students and teachers and will turn the Columbus Day teacher workday into a divisionwide professional learning day.

Prince William School Board approves snow day make-up plan
The school year in Prince William County will be extended one day -- and recess for elementary school kids limited to 10 minutes a day -- to help make up about 15 hours of instruction time lost to snow days this school year.